Friday, December 28, 2007



After a two-year hiatus Meena is coming back to acting. She is going to act in Adhivaasiyum Adhisiya Pesiyum film with Ramesh Aravind. Earlier Meena refused to act in the film when she was asked to do the role with Sendhil, who is doing the main role in the film. The shooting of the film will start next month and it is likely the first schedule will be shot in Malaysia.



The turning point in Vijay Kanth's film career took place only after the release of Captain Prabakaran. The song 'Aattama Therottama' in the film was most popular then, in which Vijay Kanth had danced with Ramya Krishnan. The very same popular song was remixed in Singa Kutty directed by A.Venkatesh. Late actor Shivaji Ganesan's grand son Shivaji is the hero of the film. The shooting of the film is going on very secretly for its release in the coming year.

As per the story line, comedian Vivek is the fan of Malavika who appears as an actress. In order to continue his life, Vivek joins with the actress as a make up assistant. One fine morning, he dreams that as if he is singing a song with the actress. The scene was filmed recently with 50 dancers brought from Mumbai for the purpose of the dance song.

Prasanna Sekar is the music director of the film. Vali writes all the lyrics of the film.



Actor Madhavan has appealed to all the Tamil film heroines to come forward and talk with their own voices while the dubbing work was carried out. He said, with his association as a hero of many films he noticed that many of his heroines did not know the Tamil language and instead some dubbing artistes had lent their voices. One could not distinguish the voice of the different heroines, when someone closed their eyes in cine theaters. Hence, he appealed to all the actresses to exhibit their individuality in voice, they should come forward with their own voice in dubbing. Madhavan made this appeal when the Pirivom Sandhipom film's audio cassette was released in a function very recently.

President of the Film Producer Council Rama Narayanan during his speech has said, that the film's songs reminded him of his marriage days. " I believe that this film is a good family subject" said the President.

Abirami Ramanathan said, that after seeing the marriage in the song's sequences, he wanted to marry again. The songs of the film with the marriage system being practised in Chettinadu, had given him the thought and he praised the film's hero Cheran and the heroine Sneha had done their role well casually in the film.

Speaking at the function Vijay said, that he had four days experience to act under the supervision of the director Cheran. He recalled when he was acting for Pudhiya Geethai under the direction of Jagan, Cheran was asked to supervise the direction. Cheran did the direction for four days and Vijay said that those four days were unforgettable one. Vijay also openly came out with his desire, that he wanted to act at least in one film under Cheran. While talking about Sneha, Vijay said he smile alone was enough for the success of any film.

Director K.S.Ravi Kumar who is also the teacher of the film's hero Cheran said, that Cheran had come up in life after a great struggle and with his sincere work. He said Cheran started his career as an Assistant Director and rose to Associate Director. Finally, he became a successful director. Ravi Kumar said, that he narrated the story of Cheran to one of his collegues who told him that Cheran was running the show under pure luck. " I narrated him the Cheran's path of success to dub my colleague" said Ravi Kumar.

During his speech, Parthiban said he liked the film's title. Pirivom Sandhipom was a title to denote if any one separated today they would be meeting again. This he illustrated with the nature, that if the Sun rises in the morning, then the darkness begins to pour in the next day. The next day the Sun and the darkness meet at a particular point. Hence, Parthiban said he never worried or felt sad when the separation takes place, because the very same separation would make united again in the near future. When talking about Vijay, Parthiban said that he was a fanatic of Vijay films. He lauded that Vijay's response to the Union Minister for Health Anbumani when requested that his films should not have the scenes of hero smoking, Vijay readily came forward and accepted for the minister's request. It showed Parthiban Vijay's sincerity towards his fans. He said, if the hero started smoking, then his fans would follow the suit. Keeping this idea in mind, Vijay eschewed showing the scenes with smoking. Parthiban also said, that there might be sometime, a character wanted to portray as bad in films required smoking scenes. Because, it was a cinema, in that case the smoking scene is mandatory on the part of the producer to show the realism of the story. He also cited that the late MGR who had no habits in his real life was shown as a drunkard in Oli Vilakku. When talking about Sneha, Parthiban said, her smile alone was enough. Many countries would leave their arms and ammunitions in exchange for Sneha's smile. Parthiban also underlined, that he was cajoling the actress in the relationship of a lyricist praising the Moon. He asked what is the connection between a lyricist and the moon? He said moon's beauty could be talked by anyone, similarly, Sneha too as heroine of films could be talked by anyone. Parthiban also lauded if there is going to be a beauty competion for the first top-ten, then Sneha would be the number one in the top-ten.

Director and actor Cheran gave away a vote of thanks.



Ace directors K.Balachander and Bharathi Raja have agreed to act in a film to be directed by Thamira. Thamira has been an assistant to the director K.Balachander who has an idea to make both his guru and Bharathi Raja to act in his film. Recently, Thamira met both the directors and told his desire and the story of the film in which both the directors should appear. On hearing the story, both the directors had given their consent to act in Thamira film. Soon the shootings of the film will start.



Film actress Jaya Pradha is going to act in the Tamil film Poompuhar as Kannagi. The story and dialogues of the film was written by Kalaignar Karunanidhi three decades ago, in which Vijayakumari acted as Kannagi with tremendous dialogues. Now, Jaya Pradha is going to do the role in the new remake film. Recently, Jaya Pradha was in Chennai and told that her career in Tamil films was an unforgettable one. Salangai Oli was the film which earned her good name and recognition. She also added that her journey as Tamil film actress was an unforgettable one. She also said that she was always grateful to actor Kamal Hassan. Because, she acknowledged that she received the recognition because of the actor. After that wherever she went she used to talk with Kamal. To her suprise, she said, there was a phone call from the actor one day, to act in the Dasavatharam film. "Immediately, I accepted the offer" says the actress.



When Nayan Tara entered the Tamil film she was telling that she would not appear in glamour role. But her acting with Simbhu for the film Vallavan in the glamour role had fetched her a good name. Following her misunderstandings with Simbhu, many thought that the glamorous girl had gone from appearing in films. But her role in Billa, made her to entrench herself in the Tamil films.

Dhanush who saw the Billa recently was taken aback by the actress' glamorous appearance. He wanted her to act in his Yaaradi Nee Mohini. But the actress replied Dhanush, that she appeared in the glamorous role in Billa, because the story line of the film made it mandatory to appear in the role. She said if the Yaaradi Nee Mohini needed a heroine with the glamorous appearance she would say 'no' in doing the role.

It is not only Dhanush but many producers are beelining the actress' house to do glamour role in their films. The actress has proved that without Simbhu she could reach the top of her acting ladder.

However, Nayan Tara makes no conditions with the Telugu film producers, if she is asked to do glamour role.



Aspro Films mega budgeted film Vilayattu hero Guru is Jobless. The story, Screen Play, dialogues and director of the film Ezhil Vendhan who is acting as hero with Kadhal Saranya is acting in Guru's role. Guru in this film wants to have sexual relationship with a college student Priya. He tries all sorts of tricks, to have her sexual relationship. The unemployed Guru becomes servant of the smuggler Vellaiyan. The Dada Velliyan kidnaps Priya and tries to molest her. Guru, on seeing his master tries to rape the college girl, fights to attack his own boss. He saves the girl and falls in love with the girl.

In the film Hollywood actor Andrew adores an important role. Earlier he has acted in films like Dreams Cafe, The Extraordinary and Stake Out.

Recently, the film's fighting scene took in an old bungalow in which Saranya acted. The shooting of the film lasted for more than 15 days in the very same premises. The stunt master has handled the fighting scenes of Saranya in a different way. In the fighting scenes, she never uses any weapon or even using her hands to drive out the villains.

Music of the film is scored by Jac Gift. Cinematography by T.Kannan. Lyrics are penned by Palani Bharathi, Yuga Bharathi, Sneha and Priyan. Stunt By: Run Ravi. Choreography by Siva Sankar, Dinesh, Sridhar & Nobel. Production Administration by Muthu and Produced and Managed by Paul Raj.



Director Seeman was very eager to know about the story-line of the Rameswaram which talks about the Sri Lankan Tamils. He was disappointed after coming out of theater and criticised, the film was shown as a Sri Lankan refugee who arrive here falls in love with a daughter of a land lord, which was unacceptable. He also criticised, that the film had failed to picturise anything about the Sri Lankan Tamils who were suffering a lot in practical in the Island. Whoever comes to India as a refugee thinks about going back to their native place to lead peaceful life. The Rameswaram had failed in this respect also, said Seeman.

He also recalled that when he was in Sri Lanka, in Kandy he was shown the temple of Lord Buddha. He was told that the Lord Buddha's tooth were safely guarded in the temple. When this news was narrated to Seeman, the director at that time thought himself that those people had been guarding the Buddha's teeth safely but left to guard and practise the 'Teachings of Buddha'..



In a week's time the Ajith starrer Billa has made a record collection of Rs.25 crores. According to sources the film was released with 225 prints. Some say, that there was a total collection of Rs.4 crores from all theaters during the one week time. It is expected that the film will make a huge collection till Pongal, because till Pongal no other film is released. In the first one month time of release of the Billa, it is expected that the sale of tickets would bring some more crores, but the Billa is yet to prove whether the collection would be more than Rs.25 crores as has been talked !



It is after the release of the film Billa, the film's hero Ajith, producer and the distributor all went to Tirupathi for the film's success. It is usual custom for any producer to visit Tirumala Hills to have the blessings of the Lord Venkateswara before any film is started. It is expected that the Billa will create a turning point in the lives of all the three, and hence to sought the blessings of he Lord of the Hills, all the three went for worship. Sure the film is heading for its success.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Though Meena was against acting with Sendhil in the film Adhivaasiyum Aruputha Pesiyum, she has now given her consent to act in the film but with Ramesh Aravind. Meena in this film is acting after two years. Her last film was Kannamma. In these two years she has been acting in Lakshmi mega-serial for the Sun TV Channel. Meena says, "though I have been acting for the tv serial, I continue to act in Telugu and Malayalam films. Since, I liked the story and the character I have accepted to act in this film".


(Mrs. Karpagam N.Thyagarajan
Chief Reporter)

From 24th December, a new mega serial of Sreedham Media has started telecasting Kalyana Parisu through the Kalaignar TV Channel. The serial is aired between 11.30 AM on all Mondays to Fridays. Mullum Malarum which was telecast on the same time was abandoned for the public view. Though the serial had a good opening with a beautiful song, somehow, the serial could not withstand for its relay as was originally planned. The new serial is directed by N.Jagan who writes the story also. Producers of the serial are Smt.Sabitha Sundar and S.Sabapathy.

Actors: Gayathri Priya, Kaavya, Varshini, Kalpana Sri, Rindhiya, Shilpa, Afzar, Bhanu Prakash, Mali, Mohan Sharma, Sharmila and Gopi.

Vadivukarasi and Nalini appear in good roles. Cinematography by Chella Pandi.



Abhinaya Creations which has produced famous mega-serials like Costly Mappillai, Adugiran Kannan,Dheerga Sumangali, Mangalyam and now Chellamadi Nee Enakku is going to produced Azhagammai for the SUN TV Channel.

A person who takes revenge against someone was the person who helped him. But the person who takes revenge does not know that he has come up in the life because of that person. On coming to know, the person feels sorry for it and he starts helping him out,says J Krishnasamy, the producer of the serial.

The serial is directed by A.K.Mano who has been an assistant to Sundar C, Badiri and Boopathy Pandian.