Saturday, November 2, 2013


By Sai Vignesh.T

Actress Archana is first recognized by Director Balu Mahendra who later won the famous Urvasi Award for best acting.She is being brought into the small screen after 6 years of inaction in the cine industry by director suresh krishna.She is going to take her first step in the small screen through the serial titled "Unarvugal" in the channel "Pudhu Yugam" starting from Monday.This serial portrays different scenarios in one's life such as happy moments,sad moments,union and separation of families etc.This would give the viewers a good experience of watching a film in the small screen says Director Suresh Krishna.This serial will telecast from Monday to friday at 8 pm on "Pudhu Yugam".

Thursday, October 31, 2013



   "Even for television serials,censorship is must" says Kushboo who had shifted her focus completely onto it after a good run through the
kollywood.She expects even the advertisements to have
censorship as some "Adults only" contents are being telecast in the
afternoons.This is because when the cricket matches which are viewed mostly by small children telecast such ads,they tend to spoil the young
minds.She also added that in TV serials,everything is based on the TRB rating which in turn evaluates the likes/dislikes of the viewers. At last she said that when there is a change in the taste of the people watching programmes,there should be a change in the programmes being viewed too.    

Sunday, September 15, 2013



Renga Vilas, is the new soap that is now on telecast through the Jaya TV Channel with leading actress of yesteryears Jaya Chithra, whose penchant to act as an Iyenger Mami has been fructifying. She appears in the episode, dhitto, an Iyengar Mami belonged to the native of Sri Rangam in Trichy district of the Tamil Nadu State India.

It is a story of happenings in Iyengar family in Sri Rangam. The shooting of the Television serial has been filmed in Sri Rangam, a constituency of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa. Incidentally, the Chief Minister is a native of Sri Rangam. A person who is engaged in the real estate business tries to take away the Ranga Vilas from the owners. How the orthodox family tries to retrieve the house from the business man, is the crux of the story.

Besides Jayachitra, Radha Ravi, Vadivukkarasi, Delhi Kumar, Poovilangu Mohan, Anuradha Krishnamurthy and many other leading artistes appear in meaty roles.

The serial is directed by Mani Bharathi.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Music Director G.V.Prakash Kumar weds playback singer Sainthavi

By N.Thyagarajan

The young music director G.V.Prakash Kumar, who have become a citadel in the film's music direction will be marrying famous playback singer Sainthavi on May 27th in Chennai.

It is said, both of them had fallen love with each other and have been classmates.

The family of the music director and the playback singer on Tuesday called on the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa at the Secretariate and invited her to their marriage.

Prakash Kumar has music directed for more than 25 films, and also did his best for the newly formed Hyderabad IPL Team's music. The music director is closely related to the Oscar Award Winner A.R.Rahman.

Monday, April 29, 2013


Judo Rathnam with actor Rajinikanth in a Tamil film.
Judo Rathnam with actor Rajinikanth in a Tamil film. 
By N.Thyagarajan
Vellore: Stunt master Judo Rath­nam of Gudiyattam, who performed stunts for more than 1,500 films, has now found time to pen his biography in Tamil — Thama­raikulam Mudhal Thalain­agaram Varai which is set  be released on May 3 in Chennai.
“Thamaraikulam was my first film in which I appeared in a small role, and Thalainagaram was my last film, though I am working for two or three films now. Modern Thea­tres Sundaram gave me the chance to become stunt master in Vallavan Oru­van, Vallavanukku Va­ll­a­van and many other films produced in the late ‘60s and ‘70s. I wanted to write my memoirs and it took two years to share them with the public,” said K.K. Rathnam, who was given the title ‘Judo’ by Modern Theatres owner T.R. Sundaram.
Rathnam has done 49 films with Rajini, 16 with Kamal Hassan, 69 with Kannada Rajkumar, 4 with Amitabh Bachchan, 16 with NTR and had worked in a couple of English films. But, he laments, he didn’t get to work with MGR.
“Writer Manohar has written dramatically the instances in my life. As I found the work tedious, I wanted to give up the idea of writing half-way, but my wife R. Govindammal (73) forced me to complete the book.”
His wife Govindammal interrupts, “My husband is very shy. I used to ask him to act in films, but he was adamant about stunt direction.” Rathnam (84) is still agile because he does yoga every day. He has eight, well-settled children.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Superstar Rajinikanth's fans observe fast in Vellore

By N.Thyagarajan

More than 200 fans of Superstar Rajinikanth went on fast in Vellore, near a Kalairanagam, in support of the Sri Lankan Tamils who are suffering in the Island. All the fans sought, the USA's resolution to be brought at UN Human Rights Commissions Meet, being held in Geneva.

The fans sought the Government of India's intervention in passing the resolution at the UN Council Meeting. It is to be remembered that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa had written a letter to the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, to take up the resolution passed in the Human Rights Commission meeting in Geneva.

The DMK ally of the Congress party for over nine years, announced its decision of withdrawing its support to the Congress following the Central Government did not act properly in passing the resolution to entrench the rights of the Sri Lankan Tamils in the Island.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


It was season one, in which actor Suriya Sivakumar anchored the Vijay TV Channel's Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi. The NVOK then had royal-welcome and the viewers never missed to watch it. One could realise Actor Suriya's ability in anchoring the show with the required discipline was the main reason for the success of the show.  Suriya is an actor, a qualified engineer, who instead of brooding over ceilings for job, he has been proving a capable film-actor with flying colours of marks.

Vijay TV Channel which studied the talents of the actor invited him to anchor its Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi show and the actor was able to put all his talents to make the show better. This is the flashback of the NVOK Season One.

For the Season Two of the NVOK. actor Prakash Raj has been roped in, giving the Vijay TV Channel a different taste to their viewers. Vijay TV Channel knows the knack of retaining its viewers, with the introduction of another talented actor and Producer Prakash Raj for the Season Two of the Neengalum Vellalam Oru kodi.

The programme is scheduled to be telecast from March 11, and many newspapers have come with the advertisements to remind the viewers about the Season Two.

There are lakhs of fans for Prakash Raj, who would welcome him in appearing the NVOK, whose talents could not be compared, but it should be agreed that anchoring of the show will be entirely different.. People all along have had been watching Prakash only as a villain, but Prakash Raj will be proving, that he could anchor the show parallel to that of Suriya's.

Prakash Raj is blessed with good mike voice and this will woo many of viewers to watch the show and keep all the questions that are to be raised in memory forever.

Let us watch the show from March 11, Monday onwards for four days in a week.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Oscar Award Winner and music director A.R.Rahman is making an attempt to produce a film jointly with another Oscar Award Winner Rasool Pookutty.

One may not know about Rahman's knowledge in film direction, but the renowned Music Director has qualified in a course on Script Writing and Film Direction when he was in Los Angeles.

A.R.Rahman has written the script and is discussing about the locales for shooting. Not only that. He is on the look out for a good hero and heroine for his production.

The hunt continues and the date on which subamuhurat of the film pooja will be announced.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


By N.Thyagarajan

Asin who has not seen quite a long-time in Tamil films, is coming back to act in a Tamil film with actor Vijay to be directed by eminent director K.V.Anand.

But Asin is not new to act with Vijay as she had already appeared with him in Kavalan.

The film M Kumaran son of Mahalakshmi was the first film in which the Keralite actress Asin made her debut and has acted with several leading heroes like Suriya and Vikram.

The actress was busy with the schedules of Hindi remake films and has settled down in Mumbai, after a long hiatus is turning to Tamil films.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Some unknown miscreants on Thursday morning pelted stones and damaged the windows and cars parked in the portico of actress Kushboo's residence near Foreshore Estate, Chennai.

 The reason for such attack is not yet known, but it has been said the actress in an interview to a Tamil weekly released on Thursday, had commented about electing of next chief to the DMK party, which had angered some party men.

In the interview, she had reportedly told the party's general council alone vested with the power of choosing the next chief for the party.

However the real reason for the attack would come to light, after thorough inquiries were made, sources say.

In Trichy, 312 Kilometers from Chennai, some of the Kushboo's banners were decimated by some unknown persons, according to a report.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Kanja becomes producer

Tamil film comedian Kanja Karuppu who has launched his own film prduction KK Film International has planned to produce a full-length comedy film Velmurugan Borewells.

Kanja is the hero of his own production. Angadi Theru Mahesh and other comedians who had acted with actor Vadivelu are also given chance in the film.

The first-schedule of the shooting of the film commences next month and it is planned to film the locales in Kalayar Kovil, Manamadurai, Melur, Nattarasankottai and Sivagangai.

Arasan, a debutant of the film is given an important role and the producer has not yet decided about the heroine of the film and the producer is hunting for one who will aptly fit for Kanja Karuppu, film sources said.

It is a story of a lorry-owner who takes up another job of installing bore-wells in villages.

Srikanth Deva does the music direction, Venkat cinematography and Malayan does direction.

Actress Bhanumathi passes away

Veteran Tamil film actor and danseuse M.Bhanumathy passed away on Monday evening at a private hospital in Chennai. Bhanumathy who had acted in more than hundreds of films in Tamil and some Tamil television serials was suffering from jaundice and had been under treatment for more than a month. When the health condition of the actress deteriorated she was rushed to a private hospital for treatment, but she died at the hospital.

M.Bhanumathy has done her role with the Late Actor Sivaji Ganesan in Thillana Mohanambal in a nurse role which had fetched her name.She has acted in Thiru Neelgandar, Mayangugiral Oru Madhu, Vietnam Veedu, Kadhal Jothi and several other films numbering more than 100 films.

The actress had a beautiful voice with which she delivered dialogues either in films or in tv serials and stage performances."One could easily visualize the scene of her by closing eyes with the voice of the late actress alone," says one of her fans. The actress had attracted a lot of audience with her delivery of dialogues with her metallic voice, which normally would fetch good name for singers alone.

A TV serial Associate Director who had long standing experience in direction,said that Bhanumathy never undertook trouble for memorizing  dialogues, she used to go through the dialogues twice or thrice and would be ready for shots. According to the director he had never seen her missing even a single word when she stood before cameras. " She was always spontaneous and had the self-confidence of acting in any roles assigned to her", says the Associate Director.

She had done meaty roles in Abhinaya Cretions mega-serial, Thiruppavai and Anu Pallavi. The actor was acting for the Vellai Thamarai, the mega-serial now being telecast through the Sun TV Channel.

The actress was living with her only daughter Lakshmi. The funeral of the actress will be taking place on Tuesday.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Zeenat Aman to marry a man of her dreams

Popular Hindi actress and a dream and glamorous girl of many in 70s, Zeenat Aman will soon marry the man of her dreams.

Though she is mother of two of her sons, and has been more critic against marriages, finally decides to marry actor Sanjay Khan. The actress earlier had married Mazhar Khan who died in the year 1998.

The actress who is now in her sixty-plus had reportedly revealed her desire to two of her sons Azaan (26) and Zahaan (23). It seems the two had approved her marriage, it is learnt.

To a journalist who spoke to her over phone, Zeenat  accepted that she is going to marry, though she was against marriage."If the God has willed for it who would prevent it" , the actress asks.

The actress added, that she had met someone who has become a significant part of her life.


Following an accord reached between the actor-producer Kamal Hassan and some Muslim outfits, seven scenes of the Vishwaroopam will be edited in a studio in Los Angeles.

 It is only after the edit of the scenes as per the accord, the film will be screened in Tamil Nadu cinema halls, according to sources.

Some of the Muslim outfits wanted some scenes or dialogues to be edited, as they thought that their religion was portrayed in poor-light. Kamal Hassan who produced the film reached an accord with the Muslim outfits on Saturday, and the editing of the film was started in a Los Angeles studio, sources said.

It may take one or two days to complete the edit of the film, the sources added.

Kamal Hassan has personally thanked the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa and the TN Home Secretary Mr R.Rajagopal for helping him out to reach the accord with the Muslim outfits.
The film is likely to hit Tamil Nadu theaters on February 8, sources said.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ramya Krishnan in Raja Kumari as Neelambari

Actress Ramya Kumari is doing a meaty role for the mega-serial Raja Kumari being telecast through the Sun TV Channel on prime time.

Ramya is appearing as Neelambari, the name which had fetched fame and honour in the Rajini-starer film Padaiyappa, is getting rewinded in Baba film too. Sentimentally, the name Neelambari has something to do with the film and daily soaps.

Ramya in the new serial also named as Neelambari in which ace-actor Sarath Babu is also doing a meaty role. It is said the serial is filmed in Varanasi and northern parts of India, having good story-value and dialogues will increase TRP rate.

The serial is telecast from Mondays to Fridays between 8.30 PM and 9:00 PM.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Radaan's Vani Rani from today

Radaan's new mega-serial Vani Rani will commence its first episode telecast from today ( Monday ) through the Sun TV Channel between 9.30 PM and 10.00 PM. Radhika Sarath Kumar will be appearing as Vani and Rani in the new serial. Venu Aravind, Babuloo, Ravi Kumar, Bhuvana, Arun, Baby Neha and other leading TV artistes have been acting meaty roles of the serial.

Story and dialogues of the film are done by Pa.Raghavan, screen play by Kumaresan, cinematography by Kasinathan and directed by O.N.Ratnam.

Don't miss to watch Radhikaa in two different roles.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Radhika in dual-role for Vani Rani

The latest buzz is that Radhikaa Sarath Kumar will be doing dual-role in her mega TV serial Vani Rani. According to sources, Radhikaa is now busy with the shooting schedules of Vani Rani. In this new serial Venu Aravind and part of Chellamae serial crew members are taking major roles.

Some of Radhikaa's fans on seeing Chellamae expected, that the twin which appeared in Chellamae as her daughters would become Radhika's next serial characters. As expected it is taking place, but the names of the two girls have been changed  in the new serial Vani Rani.

It is expected that announcement about the new serial will be made soon, and this will be a happy news for Radhikaa's fans for this year's Pongal Festival.