Thursday, June 4, 2015



Finally, Thirumurugan's Thiru Pictures, a TV episode which had been creating the attention of Sun TV Channel's viewers every day around 7.30 pm ended winning the hearts of many.

Stage and Tamil Film actor, writer and director Mouli did the role of a Nadhaswara Vidwan (Piper) in this mega-tv-serial.Having children-- two sons and three daughters--- the piper showed patience in this episode and overcame all the obstacles that one might not think that they would face.

Like our Tamil film heroes who would shoulder all difficult situation to save or would come to rescue the persons facing troubles, the director of the episode as Gopi would come and rescue his family members as well his relatives who solely depended on him.

The success for this episode purely based on the way of telling the story in order to create the attention of the viewers. "I myself had seen, that many who would watch the Nadhaswaram serial,  and if they miss out even a single day episode, they used disturb the other regular of watchers through phones or visiting their residences personally" says a Mylaporean in Chennai.

There are many good tv serials every day are telecast through various channels in all languages. But this Nadhaswaram is an exception and after crossing over 1300 episodes and suddenly coming to an end could not be assimilated by many viewers.