Saturday, April 19, 2008


( A scene in Pulan Visaranai Part Two )


The Censor Board of India has issued A certificate to Pulan Visaranai-Two, after a long battle between the film's director R.K.Selvamani and the Board's Censor Committee officials. The film which was completed a month ago was sent to the Censor Board to obtain certificate. But on seeing screening the film, the board suggested to cut down 26 of its scenes. The board suggested one the cuttings was most important because a group of children born in an hospital looked alike the tennis player Sania Mirza. Selvamani did not agree to it. Hence, the Board suggested to screen the film to another set of persons headed by Dr Kamala Selvaraj. (Late actor Gemini Ganesan). After viewing the film second time, the board members raised some objections for the 26 cuts in the film. Director Selvamani, answered to all the questions one by one and finally won in getting the 'A' Certificate for the film. Soon the film will be released.

Earlier, the Pulan Visaranai title was used two decades ago in which Vijaykanth appeared and now Prashanth is acting in the second part of the film.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Pasupathy, as a actor started his career through ‘koothu pattarai’, a drama that usually takes place in public places to set the moral standards among the general public.His first film Kamal’s Virumandi gave him the recognition. The actor became popular through the Veiyil film. Now he is acting as hero in Kuselan with Rajinikanth. He is also acting as hero in Vedigundu Murugesan and as Cheran’s friend in Raman Thediya Seethai. In an interview with the actor, Pasupathy tells answers to all the questions posed by us.

Q: There is a general opinion prevailing among the public that you have come to the status of Raghuvaran, Nazar and Prakash Raj. What is your opinion about that?

A: When I started my career, I never planned that I should be like someone. Whatever the chances that came on my way I did it very sincerely.

Q: You seem to be very innocent and behave as if you are a new person to acting and films, though you had seen a number of victories in your film acting career?

A: First cinema is entirely different from that of real life. If I behave rudely in my roles, it doesn’t mean that I should behave roughly in my real life. If they ask me to wear half shots in cinema, I should wear and act before the camera. But, in real life I am an ordinary person. I am not taken away by the victories that I got as you said. I am normal as I was before came to acting.

Q: Are you still visiting and acting in Koothupattarai?

A: If there is no work for me, I will make a visit twice or thrice. I used to meet my friends and also sometime I will act in koothupattarai. However, I will be always in touch with Koothupattarai.

Q: Here after you will appear only as hero in films?

A: There is no such thinking in my mind. You must always see a person’s character in the films. It may be a villain or a hero or any other character. You must always see the acting of the person with that character. You must view the character as the first character role, second character role and sub-character roles. You must not view the artiste as hero, villain or any other role. There is no such thing in acting theory.

Q: Of all the persons which person’s acting you admire most in films?

A: There are a lot of persons about whom I should refer to.

Q: You have acted with Kamal as well as with Rajini. What is your opinion about both of them. Please define them with comparisons with your experiences.

A: We have been watching and enjoying both the actors since our childhood. They are in the film industry for more than 25 years. That itself is an achievement of the both. Each has contributed a lot to films from their side. Hence, comparing them with one another should be avoided and not acceptable.

Q;What are all the other language films in which you are invited to act?

A: Earlier, I have acted in other language films. But now I act only in Tamil films. Acting for Tamil films is always easier for me. It is quite normal; that a person would take always eat the food in which he is interested. If he reaches the point of satiety then he would go for other items. Now I am very much interested to act in Tamil films alone. In future, if I want a change, then I may think about acting in other language films.

Q: Rajini tells that he is doing a role in Kuselan which covers only 25 percent of the film?

A: Rajini has magnanimous mind, that is why he tells like that. I feel proud to act in his film.

Q: When are you going to appear again as villain?

A: I have already told you, that I have no such discrimination villain or hero. Whatever be the roles I get, I am doing it. That’s all. After Veyil I got offers to do villain roles. But I should like to do those offers.

Q: When asked about cinema…. Pasupathy….

You must call cinema as cinema and not as TV. With a small smile, he left for the shooting of Kuselan.


By Mrs Karpagam Rajan

A new mega serial in Raj Tv Iruvar Ullam., is aimed to show the sufferings of a widower in a society. The serial is aired on all days, except Saturdays and Sundays at 12 noon, is coming out with extraneous story, when there are very much stories written on the lines of taking vendetta.

The story is Papaya a widower is marrying Varalakshmi to look after her son Gopalakrishnan. Varalakshmi showers her love to Gopalakrishnan. Later she gives birth to two children. Suddenly Papaya and Varalakshmi die in an accident. Now the responsibility of saving the two kids falls upon Gopalakrishnan and takes vow not to marry. But his relatives compel him to marry so, he marries Thulasi. They both decided to take care of those motherless children. In the meanwhile they come across a lot of problems. The story is woven how the newly married overcome those things in their lives.

Story, Screenplay and dialogues by Vimala Ganesh .Directed by Sairam Krishna
Actors are Amni, Raj Kunar,Subalekha Sudhakar and Chithra.



A leading English daily, Post on the front page has written about our Super Star Rajinikanth. The report states that the South African Cricket Player Ntini is the fan of the Super Star. This was reported on the front page of the leading english daily, Post.

Similarly, the very same paper carried out that Bhaghavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave darshan on the moon, when our Chennai city and the whole of Tamil Nadu was experiencing rain.

( see the front page of the African leading English daily, POST)