Friday, April 25, 2008



Indian Cricket Team fast-bowler Sri Santh is going to act in a Telugu film with four heroines. The fast bowler who sometime ago, wanted to become an actor in Hindi film, provided the film chance should not affect his cricketing career. A Hindi film producer who came to know about the decision of the Indian fast bowler, offered him to do the hero of an Hindi film. But, at that time he could not because of his hefty schedule of cricket matches. Now, Sri Santh has accepted this Telugu film offer in which he is going to act with four heroines. Soon, the name of the film will be announced, it is expected.



Following the ill-health of Nayan Tara who is the brand ambassador for the Chennai Super Kings Team, could not attend Twenty 20 cricket match played at the Chennai Chepauk Stadium against the Mumbai Indians on April 23. As a brand ambassador she has to attend the match but could not do so, because of her fever. Hence,she was removed from the post immediately without consulting the other official bearers. Rumours are afloat that actress Trisha will be appointed in the place of Nayan Tara.

As per rules the brand ambassadors should attend atleast three matches. But Nayan has missed only one match and there are going to be six more matches to be played. The actress who is the brand ambassador has not violated the rules and regulations that was specified in the rules book. Of the six remaining matches, if the Brand Ambassador attends only three matches it is enough.

Law maker should not be a law-breaker (?)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now Jackie Chan in the Chennai City to participate in the cassette release function of the Dasavatharam. Thousands of his fans at the Meenambakkam Air Port who were waiting outside were eagerly awaiting for the Chan to come out side the airport to wave his hands. But on getting down from the airport, some cops in plainclothes and uniforms took the actor inside an airconditioned car. The other persons who came escorts with the actor also got into the car and some got in other cars waiting outside the airport. Then the actor straight went to the Taj Cormandel Hotel where a suit has been arranged for him and his company to stay.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Steffi, a girl belonging to Chennai, claimed that she had been the lover of Actor Manivannan's son Raghuvannan who is also an actor. In a complaint to the Commissioner of Police on Wednesday she has stated that Raghuvannan had refused to marry her. She said that both of them had closely moved with each other for the past several years. Raghuvannan is now acting in a film directed by Selva. During her meet with some press people she showed from her laptop some of the pictures of her close movement with Raghuvannan. The complaint was accepted by the police.It is expected that the police will initiate action against the actor for further enquiries.

It is after the enquiry only whether Raghuvannan really loved Steffi, or a false complaint of the girl.


Actress Sandhya completes her film Magesh, Saranya Matrum Palar with Shakthi(Director P.Vasu's son).Only songs have to be picturised. Sandhya unlike many heroines decides to act in a film after listening to her sixth sense! She is said to have rejected meaningless rules that just required her to run around trees even though they were big budget film.An example of her choice of rules would be her mom act in the shaam starrer THOONDIL.Kaadhal Sandhya is set for a very different yet interesting innings.


By Mrs.Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

The mega serial Kalyanna Parisu being aired through the Kalaignar TV Channelon all Mondays to Fridays at 11.30 AM has gained lots of viewerships for its story line and matured acting of the artistes.
Shilpa is an Orphan Girl. Vasanth-Lalitha has no issues hence decide to adopt Shilpa as there child.Shilpa is very much happy with her parents. They shower love on Shilpa. In the meanwhile Lalitha becomes pregnant and she gave birth to twins. Being more affectionate with the newly born children, Lalitha ignores Shilpa and commands her husband to send her back to the Orphanage. But Vasanth refuses to this and keep Shilpa with them. Lalitha hates shilpa and starts torturing her. Vasanth transfer all his properties in Shilpa’s name and goes away from the house. Lalitha search for her Husband. Meanwhile Lalitha tries to change the properties to her name, but Shilpa runs away to Pazhani.
Lalitha also goes to Pazhani to search Shilpa. Coming episodes shows whether Lalitha is able to catch Shilpa and get her properties back. The episodes will also highlight whether Vasanth has come back.
Produced by Shri Dan media, directed by Ilango Lakshmanan, Story Screenplay are written by P.K.Perumal, Dialogue by A.S. Sheriff Ali.
Shilpa, Vasanth, JaiRathnam,Gayathri, BanuPrakash, Achamillai Gopi,Mali and others are acting in the serial.