Saturday, September 27, 2014


By Sai Vignesh.T

Tamil Channel Peppers Telecasts Musical Program titled "PAA" every week on Wednesday morning at 11.30 am. In this program,all the famous carnatic vocalists and Instrumentalists share their experience, awards and honors received with the viewers. Till now famous artists like Kadiri Gopalanath, Vikku Vinayak, Drums Sivamani etc. have made their presence in this program. In this Upcoming week, renowned musician "Balamurali Krishna" would share his thoughts with viewers as part of special 75th episode.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Samayal Mandhiram in Captain TV

By N.Thyagarajan

The magic to lead a united happy life is not based on the possessing of wealth alone. Sometimes, the unity between husband and wife, may be newly married, or after an hiatus, each couple did not show much interest in their personal lives. This was due to the fact, either one of the spouses might have lost interest in sexual interest. Or if they have, their personal health grounds would make a detachment between them.

In spite of several sexual problems, that separate the husbands and wives could be solved by watching Daily Captain TV Channel's Samayal Mandhiram, the magic of cooking. By cooking appropriate food which would entice the desire for sexual relationships could be made from our cooking department of our house kitchens,

One can learn easily overcome the difficulties of persons who could not manage the sexual appetite of his/her companion by watching Samayal Mandhiram on everyday late night 11 pm. Dr Arun Chinnaiah gives solutions to each and every problem of sex and gives way how to overcome to lead happly life.

Let the Light of Happiness Prevail upon in Homes.