Friday, February 15, 2008


( N.Thyagarajan )

Actress Vindhya is getting married today at the Kerala Guruvayurappan Temple. The time of the suba muhurat to tie the knot has been fixed at 10.50 Am with a very few invitees. She is marrying Gopi who is brother of actress Bhanu Priya. On Friday, (yesterday) the engagement took place at the groom's residence in which actresses Nishanthi and Sangavi participated. The marriage reception is to be held on Sunday at the Hotel Park Sheraton at 7 PM in which many film personalities likely to participate.



Actor Jackie Chan has given consent to release the audio cassettes of the Kamal's Dasavatharam film produced by Oscar Films Ravichandran. Recently, Ravichandran's younger brother Ramesh Babu who is a distributor of Jackie Chan films met the actor at his residence in Hong Kong and invited him to attend the function and release the cassette. Jackie had immediately gave his nod, according to Ramesh Babu.

The audio cassette release function would take place at the Chennai Nehru Indoor Stadium in the coming March.

Ramesh Babu had also screened some of the important of the scenes of the Kamal Hassan's. Jackie was wonder struck to see Kamal in ten get up, Ramesh Babu said. Babu also narrated Chan that Kamal had been acting in films since his three years.

Soon the dates for the audio release function would be announced, said Ramesh Babu to the reporters.



Actress Asin will say 'good-bye ' to acting in Tamil films, however her acting for Hindi film will continue, it is learnt. Davatharam is the last film, in which Asin had acted with Kamal Hassan. The film is likely to be released by April 14, on the Tamil New Year's Day.

Now Asin is acting in Gajini Hindi film with Aamir Khan. In the meanwhile, the actress has entered contract with an advertising company as brand ambassodor for several films producing advertising films. It has been said that Asin has entered contract with the company for Rs.8 crores for a year's time.

The shooting for Asin will be over in a month or so for the role in her Gajini film. Following the completion of the film, she might act with some leading heroes of Hindi films. However, she has rejected the offer to act in mega-budget Tamil film Marma Yogi, being written by actor Kamal Hassan. She has also rejected the offer of another Tamil film to be directed by famous director A.R.Murugadas with Suriya as the hero of the film.

Aamir has promised that a big advertisement for his film would be coming up in the month of July for the film Gajini and Asin was promised with a grand gala propaganda for the film. Asin, on hearing the news from Aamir,became happy and her acting in Hindi films would continue with much publicity. However, she did not say anything ill of the Tamil films or producers or for that matter the directors.


Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Sonu Sood, Punam S. Sinha, Raza Murad, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Suhasini Mulay, Ila Arun, Rajesh Vivek, Pramod Moutho, Surendra Pal, Visswa Badola, Pramatesh Mehta, Shaji Choudhary, Manava Naik, Disha Vakani, Abeer Abrar, Indrajit Sarkar, Aman Dhaliwal, Nikitin Dheer
Synopsis :
Ashutosh Gowariker's Jodhaa Akbar is the story of the greatest Mughal emperor that ruled Hindustan (now India), Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar, and a fiery young Rajput princess, Jodhaa. Set in the sixteenth century, this epic romance begins as a marriage of alliance between two cultures and religions, for political gain, with the Hindu King Bharmal of Amer giving his daughter's hand to a Muslim Emperor, Akbar. When Akbar accepts the marriage proposal, little does he know that in his efforts to strengthen his relations with the Hindu Rajputs, he would in turn be embarking on a new journey - the journey of true love. From the battlefield where the young Jalaluddin was crowned, through the conquests that won him the title of Akbar the Great ("Akbar' in Arabic means great), to winning the love of the beautiful Jodhaa, Jodhaa Akbar traces the impressive graph of the mighty emperor and his romance with a defiant princess. With Hrithik Roshan as Akbar and Aishwarya Rai as Jodhaa, the film is produced by Ronnie Screwvala and Ashutosh Gowariker.

CastCast: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Sonu Sood, Punam S. Sinha, Raza Murad, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Suhasini Mulay, Ila Arun, Rajesh Vivek, Pramod Moutho, Surendra Pal, Visswa Badola, Pramatesh Mehta, Shaji Choudhary, Manava Naik, Disha Vakani, Abeer Abrar, Indrajit Sarkar, Aman Dhaliwal, Nikitin Dheer CrewCinematographer: Kiran DeohansPublicity Designer: Epigram Story Writer: Haidar AliCostume Designer: Neeta LullaSound Designer: Stephen GomesDirector: Ashutosh GowarikerProducer: Ashutosh Gowariker, Ronnie ScrewvalaProduction Designer: Nitin DesaiBanner: Ashutosh Gowariker ProductionsMusicMusic Director: A. R. RahmanPlayback Singer: Madhushree , Sonu Nigam, A. R. Rahman, Mohammad Aslam, Bela Shende, Javed Ali, Bonnie ChakrabortyBackground Sound: A. R. RahmanLyricist: Javed Akhtar

Thursday, February 14, 2008


K.Rajeswar is a dialogue writer for Aval Appadithan, Paneer Pushpangal, Meendum Oru Kadhal Kadhai, Kadalora Kavithaigal and Vetri Vizha. He has directed films like Nyaya Tharasu, Idhaya Thamarai, Amaran, Thurai Mugam, and Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi. He is now directing Indra Vizha. The writer and director in an interview to the Southernblaze dotcom said the following answers when a number of questions raised.

Why there is a long hiatus after Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi?
You are under the impression that I am not working after Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi. Really, I could not find time even for my private work, after the Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi was released. People come to know of me only when I direct a film, but they don't know what work I am doing. I have been doing something connected with cine work from the days of Aval Appadithan. If I have no Tamil film work, I will do my job for Hindi films.Recently, I did my job for Rajkumar Santhoshi film. So there is no let up in my work or assignments.

What do you say about some of your films that were flopped earlier?
There are various factors that decide the success of a film. Fans, the release of the film at an apt time and also cine theaters the films are released. Nowadays, no one sees whether the film is a success or not. For example, in those days people talked about Rajkapoor's Mera Naam Joker. But the film was a flop.Guru Dutt's Kagiz Ki Pool was not a successful one commercially. But still the film is treated as one of the ten most successful films that were produced.

My films Nyaya Tharasu and Idhaya Thamarai were enjoyed by many. In my Amaran, I have exhibited the real life as mirage. My other films Sivaleperi Pandi and Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi are still considered good films.

You are winner of many National Awards for directing films. However the value for any director or the writer has gone down in the society. Will you justify this with your answers?
I accept that the writers gradually loose their importance. But it takes only in Tamil film circles. But in Kerala it is other way round. Still the writers have a high respect in Hollywood films. Manoj Shyamalan produced Sixth Sense. The Walt Disney Productions was ready to buy the film for eight million dollars. But Shyamalan did not sell it immediately to the company. He laid down conditions that who should be the apt technicians and actors for the film. Now eight years have gone, still the Walt Disney Production Company is waiting for it. That is how a director and writer maintain their prestige in other countries other than in Tamil films.

Formerly, there were very few production companies which produced films. Nowadays, various producers approach various actors for their films to be produced. They jot down the call sheet dates of these actors and finally approach financiers to shoot their films. In the end, the catches hold some distributors to distribute the film. They want to make quick money or for see heavy bankruptcy in their lives. The story writer who also writes stories for them gradually began to loose their value among the film circles, because they give stories depending upon the urgency's of the producers.

Do you think the growth of the technicalities in films also disrobed the image of writers?
The writers’ knowledge have become commercial. When the finished product of the films come to the market for its sale, the market also determines the values of these films. Sometimes, a full pledged director’s turn as writers of the films story. Hence, the real writers have lost their charms and values in cine circles.

Of all your films, which film do you like most?
I like all my films. Each film has given me a new experience. People still talk about my Aval Appadithan, Paneer Pushpangal. My Meendum Oru Kadhal Kadhai was released only in three theaters. The film got me gold medal. The story of Kadalora Kavithaigal was mine, and it was also a successful film.

Earlier you have written stories in which Kamal and Rajini have acted. Why then you have not produced films with some front-line actors?
For your kind information, I have not wondered over the artiste's face value or any other thing. There are some artistes who are my friends might have acted in my films. I simply follow the Director Mahendran's approach. He produced Udhiri Pookal with new faces. The film was a super hit. I want the people should always talk about my stories and characters in my film.

Let me say something about this film Indra Vizha
It is about grand celebration that will take place in the Indra world. There will not be any scarcity for happiness, love, awakenings in one's life. In Indra world, people make love with unity.

How are going to describe all these in your film?
First half of the film story will be full of romance and the second half will be thriller. In this story, I have given importance to sex. I have talked about it in the form of love. This is first occasion, in the history of Tamil films the subject is being made as films. Srikanth, Namitha, Hema Malini, Malavika, Raguvaran, Radha Ravi, Vivek, Alex are acting in the film.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We are absolutely thrilled and feel so blessed,” says an ecstatic Sanjay Dutt sometime after his wedding. So, was the wedding an advance Valentine’s Day gift for his new better-half, the beautiful Manyata? “

Marriage is a commitment for life, and this is my way of showing Manyata that I’m committed to her,” he says.He reveals he was extremely thankful to have met her in the first place. “Manyata is an incredible woman. She knew that there would be difficult times ahead, but she was ready to come on board for the journey. We just wanted to be together. I have no doubt in my mind, in my heart, that she will make me an excellent wife,” Sanjay adds.

But there was more, the emotions continued to overflow, and Sanjay added, “It had to happen, didn’t it? The extension of love is always marriage. I’d said earlier and will say it again, every man at the end of the day, wants to come back home to somebody, and today I am glad to have found her.”

What about sisters Priya and Namrata, why didn’t they share this special occasion with him? Sanjay says, unmindful of the fact that both had already spoken to the press, “Of course, they were there, but the press didn’t know.” And what about daughter Trishala? “Yeah, all is fine,” he replies.

The talk comes up about a honeymoon. “Where is the time? I am shooting back-to-back for sometime. We will try and spend as much time as we can together. For the moment, that will be our honeymoon,” he says. And what about the rumours that Manyata is pregnant? Sanjay Dutt laughs heartily, “It’s funny when you read stories that aren’t true. What can I say? I have been very vocal about my relationship first and now marriage. So if that good news comes by, we will share it with everyone.”


Azhagana Natkal is the new mega soap in Kalaignar Channel being aired between 1.30 and 2.00pm, from Mondays to Fridays.
Produced by S.Prabhushankar has also written story, screenplay, and dialogues. The serial is directed by Sengam Anbumozhi and the music by Rajesh Ramalingam.

The story of the serial is the Heroine who lives with all her relatives is loved by all for she is the only daughter among other issues of the family. She is in love with the hero who is an orphan. The story starts in this way. Camera by Maro. Chaithanya is the new face of this soap along with Neepa, S.N.Lakshmi, A.C.Murali, Nithya, Amarasikamani, and others.


Actor Sanjay Dutt and his girlfriend Manyata solemnised their wedding today as per Hindu rituals.
The marriage took place at the house of a close friend of Manyata.

The 48-year-old filmstar and Manyata, who have been close friends for last two years, had reportedly tied the knot at a five-star hotel in Goa on February 7, with a few close friends as witness.

After the ceremony at Andheri, a beaming Dutt asked the media, "Are you happy with my marriage?". On getting an affirmative reply, he thanked the media and said, "I am also very happy and I thank you for the positive support."

When asked about his daughter Trishala's reaction, Dutt paused and said, "she is happy".

However, Manyata fell short of words to express her emotion and said, "I am so happy that I don't have words to express."

The inquisitive paparazzi were kept strictly away. The two had a private wedding ceremony in Goa last week where they had a court marriage.

"Yes, Sanju is now officially married to Manyata. We all attended the simple private ceremony Monday afternoon. We've never seen Sanju more at peace with himself. He feels his troubles are finally over. And he feels Manyata has brought into his life that stability that was lacking for so many years," said one of the invitees.

"Her entry into his life coincided with the end of Sanju's troubles to a large extent. So he considers her very lucky for him," the invitee added.

Apparently, Sanjay has allowed his new wife to take over all his financial dealings. She also handles his new film production company.

In all probability Sanjay's next release would be Suniel Shetty's production EMI. Produced by Suniel's company Popcorn Entertainment, the film also stars Malaika Arora and Urmila Matondkar.

"All his work in EMI is over. We just have a few more days to go. Then the film goes into post-production. We hope to release in May-June 2008," Suniel said.

Sanjay made a brief appearance as himself in Rohit Jugraj's just released Superstar.

"Though harassed by so many problems, Mr. Sanjay Dutt didn't hesitate for a minute in agreeing to be in my film. I wish him all happiness," said Jugraj.

Monday, February 11, 2008



The Kumbakonam Second Judicial Majistrate dismissed the case filed against the actress Kushboo by Kudanthai Hindi Front General Secretary Gurumurthy.

The case was filed against the actress when she visited the subamuhurat pooja of the film Vallamai Tharayo. The actress who participated in the pooja of the function, climbed the dais with her slippers. On the dais there were statues of the Hindu Godesses.

The Hindu Front claimed, that by wearing the slippers on the pooja dais, the actress had affected the sentiments of the Hindu and hence filed case against the actress on November 28, 2007.

But on Monday, the Judge heard the arguments of both the counsels dismissed the case. However, the Hindu Front General Secretary said, that he would go again to the Higher court with the same charge after he received the judgement copy from the Kumbakonam court.


With Sanjay Dutt, you never know what to expect. His sisters Priya and Namrata Dutt remained as much in the dark yesterday about the actor’s alleged marriage to live-in girlfriend Manyata at the Taj Exotica in Goa, as is the rest of Bollywood.

If the couple tied the knot there on February 7, as is speculated under the Hindu Marriage Act, then the family was unaware. Naturally, the sisters could not comment on the saat pheras that subsequently took place yesterday morning at the Imperial Heights Building on Pali Hill where all of them reside on separate floors.

Said younger sister Namrata with a touch of exasperation, “Our phones haven’t stopped ringing since this rumour broke out. Honestly, Priya and I don’t know what to say to relatives, because Sanjay has not said anything to us since he returned from Goa last Friday. We are happy for him, of course, but how can we celebrate his marriage when we don’t know anything about it!”

Sources at the Taj Exotica said Sanjay and Manyata were staying at the North Goa property since January 28, and if they got married, then it was certainly not at the hotel. “Sanjay was just chilling out. He stayed in the presidential suite and we saw a lot of him, but he was always alone, never with Manyata or any of the large battery of people who accompanied them there. He roamed the public areas, interacted with whoever approached him, and ate Goan food in the restaurants. He had three cars here, a Hummer, a Lexus and a Merc, and he went out often. Maybe he got married outside,” said a hotel employee.

According to Namrata, even when Sanjay got married to Rhea Pillai, he did not inform the family. “I guess it’s his way of doing things, but honestly, we fail to understand his ways,” she added wearily. The Dutt sisters, however, have no option but to assume their brother has secretly tied the knot for the third time. “He has been living with Manyata for the past year, so we assume he is married, otherwise why would he live with her so openly,” said Namrata. “If Sanjay has found happiness in her, good for him, he is our brother and we want him to be happy and not lonely.”

If they are hurt at being kept out of Sanjay Dutt’s plans, Namrata and Priya are mature enough not to show it, and as for the new Mrs Dutt... they hardly know her. “She never made any effort to mix with the family,” said Namrata.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Dutt’s 19-year-old daughter Trishala was in shock yesterday as news of her father’s marriage broke out. “I can’t, can’t, can’t comment on this,” said the distraught teen in New York when BT spoke to her even as the saat pheras were on. Trishala’s aunt Eena said that Sanjay had not informed Trishala about the marriage. “She is shocked and speechless at the turn of events. It’s not fair for her to learn of this from the TV,” said the aunt.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


The latest news about Sanjay Dutt is that he married his lady love Manyata. Setting aside all rumours, Manyata made her first public appearance dressed in a newly wed attirement. She had vermillion smeared on her head. Though she shied away from talking about her love life, the glow on her face said it all.

Manyata said, to a group of journalist that she was not hiding the fact but said she did not want to comment it.

The reporters had notice her when Manyata was seen attending a function at her old school. She appeared there like a newly wed. Rumours mills about her marriage were abuzz after leading English daily printed greetings to Bal Thackeray with the Dutt surname attached with her name. It has been said that Manyaata has been a pillar of strength for Sanjay during his troubled times. It is also said that an astrologer had advised him to marry the girl immediately to be away from various controversies that surrounded him in the recent past.