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After a two-year hiatus Meena is coming back to acting. She is going to act in Adhivaasiyum Adhisiya Pesiyum film with Ramesh Aravind. Earlier Meena refused to act in the film when she was asked to do the role with Sendhil, who is doing the main role in the film. The shooting of the film will start next month and it is likely the first schedule will be shot in Malaysia.



The turning point in Vijay Kanth's film career took place only after the release of Captain Prabakaran. The song 'Aattama Therottama' in the film was most popular then, in which Vijay Kanth had danced with Ramya Krishnan. The very same popular song was remixed in Singa Kutty directed by A.Venkatesh. Late actor Shivaji Ganesan's grand son Shivaji is the hero of the film. The shooting of the film is going on very secretly for its release in the coming year.

As per the story line, comedian Vivek is the fan of Malavika who appears as an actress. In order to continue his life, Vivek joins with the actress as a make up assistant. One fine morning, he dreams that as if he is singing a song with the actress. The scene was filmed recently with 50 dancers brought from Mumbai for the purpose of the dance song.

Prasanna Sekar is the music director of the film. Vali writes all the lyrics of the film.



Actor Madhavan has appealed to all the Tamil film heroines to come forward and talk with their own voices while the dubbing work was carried out. He said, with his association as a hero of many films he noticed that many of his heroines did not know the Tamil language and instead some dubbing artistes had lent their voices. One could not distinguish the voice of the different heroines, when someone closed their eyes in cine theaters. Hence, he appealed to all the actresses to exhibit their individuality in voice, they should come forward with their own voice in dubbing. Madhavan made this appeal when the Pirivom Sandhipom film's audio cassette was released in a function very recently.

President of the Film Producer Council Rama Narayanan during his speech has said, that the film's songs reminded him of his marriage days. " I believe that this film is a good family subject" said the President.

Abirami Ramanathan said, that after seeing the marriage in the song's sequences, he wanted to marry again. The songs of the film with the marriage system being practised in Chettinadu, had given him the thought and he praised the film's hero Cheran and the heroine Sneha had done their role well casually in the film.

Speaking at the function Vijay said, that he had four days experience to act under the supervision of the director Cheran. He recalled when he was acting for Pudhiya Geethai under the direction of Jagan, Cheran was asked to supervise the direction. Cheran did the direction for four days and Vijay said that those four days were unforgettable one. Vijay also openly came out with his desire, that he wanted to act at least in one film under Cheran. While talking about Sneha, Vijay said he smile alone was enough for the success of any film.

Director K.S.Ravi Kumar who is also the teacher of the film's hero Cheran said, that Cheran had come up in life after a great struggle and with his sincere work. He said Cheran started his career as an Assistant Director and rose to Associate Director. Finally, he became a successful director. Ravi Kumar said, that he narrated the story of Cheran to one of his collegues who told him that Cheran was running the show under pure luck. " I narrated him the Cheran's path of success to dub my colleague" said Ravi Kumar.

During his speech, Parthiban said he liked the film's title. Pirivom Sandhipom was a title to denote if any one separated today they would be meeting again. This he illustrated with the nature, that if the Sun rises in the morning, then the darkness begins to pour in the next day. The next day the Sun and the darkness meet at a particular point. Hence, Parthiban said he never worried or felt sad when the separation takes place, because the very same separation would make united again in the near future. When talking about Vijay, Parthiban said that he was a fanatic of Vijay films. He lauded that Vijay's response to the Union Minister for Health Anbumani when requested that his films should not have the scenes of hero smoking, Vijay readily came forward and accepted for the minister's request. It showed Parthiban Vijay's sincerity towards his fans. He said, if the hero started smoking, then his fans would follow the suit. Keeping this idea in mind, Vijay eschewed showing the scenes with smoking. Parthiban also said, that there might be sometime, a character wanted to portray as bad in films required smoking scenes. Because, it was a cinema, in that case the smoking scene is mandatory on the part of the producer to show the realism of the story. He also cited that the late MGR who had no habits in his real life was shown as a drunkard in Oli Vilakku. When talking about Sneha, Parthiban said, her smile alone was enough. Many countries would leave their arms and ammunitions in exchange for Sneha's smile. Parthiban also underlined, that he was cajoling the actress in the relationship of a lyricist praising the Moon. He asked what is the connection between a lyricist and the moon? He said moon's beauty could be talked by anyone, similarly, Sneha too as heroine of films could be talked by anyone. Parthiban also lauded if there is going to be a beauty competion for the first top-ten, then Sneha would be the number one in the top-ten.

Director and actor Cheran gave away a vote of thanks.



Ace directors K.Balachander and Bharathi Raja have agreed to act in a film to be directed by Thamira. Thamira has been an assistant to the director K.Balachander who has an idea to make both his guru and Bharathi Raja to act in his film. Recently, Thamira met both the directors and told his desire and the story of the film in which both the directors should appear. On hearing the story, both the directors had given their consent to act in Thamira film. Soon the shootings of the film will start.



Film actress Jaya Pradha is going to act in the Tamil film Poompuhar as Kannagi. The story and dialogues of the film was written by Kalaignar Karunanidhi three decades ago, in which Vijayakumari acted as Kannagi with tremendous dialogues. Now, Jaya Pradha is going to do the role in the new remake film. Recently, Jaya Pradha was in Chennai and told that her career in Tamil films was an unforgettable one. Salangai Oli was the film which earned her good name and recognition. She also added that her journey as Tamil film actress was an unforgettable one. She also said that she was always grateful to actor Kamal Hassan. Because, she acknowledged that she received the recognition because of the actor. After that wherever she went she used to talk with Kamal. To her suprise, she said, there was a phone call from the actor one day, to act in the Dasavatharam film. "Immediately, I accepted the offer" says the actress.



When Nayan Tara entered the Tamil film she was telling that she would not appear in glamour role. But her acting with Simbhu for the film Vallavan in the glamour role had fetched her a good name. Following her misunderstandings with Simbhu, many thought that the glamorous girl had gone from appearing in films. But her role in Billa, made her to entrench herself in the Tamil films.

Dhanush who saw the Billa recently was taken aback by the actress' glamorous appearance. He wanted her to act in his Yaaradi Nee Mohini. But the actress replied Dhanush, that she appeared in the glamorous role in Billa, because the story line of the film made it mandatory to appear in the role. She said if the Yaaradi Nee Mohini needed a heroine with the glamorous appearance she would say 'no' in doing the role.

It is not only Dhanush but many producers are beelining the actress' house to do glamour role in their films. The actress has proved that without Simbhu she could reach the top of her acting ladder.

However, Nayan Tara makes no conditions with the Telugu film producers, if she is asked to do glamour role.



Aspro Films mega budgeted film Vilayattu hero Guru is Jobless. The story, Screen Play, dialogues and director of the film Ezhil Vendhan who is acting as hero with Kadhal Saranya is acting in Guru's role. Guru in this film wants to have sexual relationship with a college student Priya. He tries all sorts of tricks, to have her sexual relationship. The unemployed Guru becomes servant of the smuggler Vellaiyan. The Dada Velliyan kidnaps Priya and tries to molest her. Guru, on seeing his master tries to rape the college girl, fights to attack his own boss. He saves the girl and falls in love with the girl.

In the film Hollywood actor Andrew adores an important role. Earlier he has acted in films like Dreams Cafe, The Extraordinary and Stake Out.

Recently, the film's fighting scene took in an old bungalow in which Saranya acted. The shooting of the film lasted for more than 15 days in the very same premises. The stunt master has handled the fighting scenes of Saranya in a different way. In the fighting scenes, she never uses any weapon or even using her hands to drive out the villains.

Music of the film is scored by Jac Gift. Cinematography by T.Kannan. Lyrics are penned by Palani Bharathi, Yuga Bharathi, Sneha and Priyan. Stunt By: Run Ravi. Choreography by Siva Sankar, Dinesh, Sridhar & Nobel. Production Administration by Muthu and Produced and Managed by Paul Raj.



Director Seeman was very eager to know about the story-line of the Rameswaram which talks about the Sri Lankan Tamils. He was disappointed after coming out of theater and criticised, the film was shown as a Sri Lankan refugee who arrive here falls in love with a daughter of a land lord, which was unacceptable. He also criticised, that the film had failed to picturise anything about the Sri Lankan Tamils who were suffering a lot in practical in the Island. Whoever comes to India as a refugee thinks about going back to their native place to lead peaceful life. The Rameswaram had failed in this respect also, said Seeman.

He also recalled that when he was in Sri Lanka, in Kandy he was shown the temple of Lord Buddha. He was told that the Lord Buddha's tooth were safely guarded in the temple. When this news was narrated to Seeman, the director at that time thought himself that those people had been guarding the Buddha's teeth safely but left to guard and practise the 'Teachings of Buddha'..



In a week's time the Ajith starrer Billa has made a record collection of Rs.25 crores. According to sources the film was released with 225 prints. Some say, that there was a total collection of Rs.4 crores from all theaters during the one week time. It is expected that the film will make a huge collection till Pongal, because till Pongal no other film is released. In the first one month time of release of the Billa, it is expected that the sale of tickets would bring some more crores, but the Billa is yet to prove whether the collection would be more than Rs.25 crores as has been talked !



It is after the release of the film Billa, the film's hero Ajith, producer and the distributor all went to Tirupathi for the film's success. It is usual custom for any producer to visit Tirumala Hills to have the blessings of the Lord Venkateswara before any film is started. It is expected that the Billa will create a turning point in the lives of all the three, and hence to sought the blessings of he Lord of the Hills, all the three went for worship. Sure the film is heading for its success.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Though Meena was against acting with Sendhil in the film Adhivaasiyum Aruputha Pesiyum, she has now given her consent to act in the film but with Ramesh Aravind. Meena in this film is acting after two years. Her last film was Kannamma. In these two years she has been acting in Lakshmi mega-serial for the Sun TV Channel. Meena says, "though I have been acting for the tv serial, I continue to act in Telugu and Malayalam films. Since, I liked the story and the character I have accepted to act in this film".


(Mrs. Karpagam N.Thyagarajan
Chief Reporter)

From 24th December, a new mega serial of Sreedham Media has started telecasting Kalyana Parisu through the Kalaignar TV Channel. The serial is aired between 11.30 AM on all Mondays to Fridays. Mullum Malarum which was telecast on the same time was abandoned for the public view. Though the serial had a good opening with a beautiful song, somehow, the serial could not withstand for its relay as was originally planned. The new serial is directed by N.Jagan who writes the story also. Producers of the serial are Smt.Sabitha Sundar and S.Sabapathy.

Actors: Gayathri Priya, Kaavya, Varshini, Kalpana Sri, Rindhiya, Shilpa, Afzar, Bhanu Prakash, Mali, Mohan Sharma, Sharmila and Gopi.

Vadivukarasi and Nalini appear in good roles. Cinematography by Chella Pandi.



Abhinaya Creations which has produced famous mega-serials like Costly Mappillai, Adugiran Kannan,Dheerga Sumangali, Mangalyam and now Chellamadi Nee Enakku is going to produced Azhagammai for the SUN TV Channel.

A person who takes revenge against someone was the person who helped him. But the person who takes revenge does not know that he has come up in the life because of that person. On coming to know, the person feels sorry for it and he starts helping him out,says J Krishnasamy, the producer of the serial.

The serial is directed by A.K.Mano who has been an assistant to Sundar C, Badiri and Boopathy Pandian.

Saturday, December 22, 2007



Narmada, a leading actress in more than 20 soaps in Tamil and a dozen of serial in Telugu was surprised when she received an invitation from the Shivaji Productions to act in Thavam being aired in Kalaignar TV Channel. She says, "I am acting as the eldest daughter in a family having two younger sisters. It is a sensible character and I am proud to do the role. I am doing the role in Thavam with penance, that I should bring laurels and names for my role. I also feel proud to act with the leading actor Y.Gee Mahendran in the serial".


A new Channel is coming up as Indu Channel from April Tamil New Year's Day. It is a channel purely about the programmes on the culture and customs pertaining to Hindu religions. Recently, a function on the launching of the channel took place presided over by C.Neela Siva Linga Swamy. The channel was inaugurated by DIG Arumugam. The other participants are Shri Kasi Viswanatha Swamigal and the MD Ravindran.

Sri Devi a new mega serial in Mega TV Channel

Sri Devi a new mega serial with different story about mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who function unitedly whatever they do. They adjust themselves according to the prevailing conditions of the situation. In the serial Sulakshana appear as the mother-in-law and Easwari as the daughter-in-law. The serial is produced by Ravi. The serial is aired on all Mondays to Fridays between 7.30 PM and 8 PM. Story is by Latha Nethaji. The serial is directed by B.Nithyanandam. Recently Nithyanandam has come out of the REKHA IPS of the Kalaignar TV Channel.


By Mrs.Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

The Divine Media which has become popular through its Kana Kaanum Kaalangal and Kadhalikka Neramillai in Vijay TV Channel is entering with a new soap Kaloori Kalam for the Sun TV Channel. The actors and actresses are new faces are from various colleges with some leading artistes. It is a story about the happenings of a thing in a college picturised, perhaps all the episodes will bring a real story that took in the real life of students. The story and dialogues are by Brahma who has penned earlier for Kana Kaanum Kalangal and Kadhalikka Neramillai. M.Naresh, Jain and Shankar are producers and its subamuhurat took recently at the AVM Studios. It is likely the serial will be aired from January next year.


In Arul Neram programme of the Jaya TV Channel on all days in the mornings between 6 AM and 6.30 AM, the Azhwars and Nayanmars Thiruppavai and Thiruvembai are sung by school students. More than 80 students who participate in the singing chrous will be followed by discourse on Thiruppavai by Srimad Andavan Swamigal, Ahibila Mutt Srimad Azhagiya Singer and Vanamamalai Jeer Swamigal. Sri Kavi who is creative behind the programme.



Kalaignar TV Channel's Gana Kuil Pattu is heading for its semi finals on this coming Saturday to be telecast between 9 PM and 10 PM. The judges of the programme Music Director Deva and Gana Ulaganathan recently announced the semi final winners. Gana Kulathur Thulasidasan was selected during the last week as the semi finalists. In order to celebrate for winning in the semi-final Gana Ulaganathan sang two songs written by the winner. He sang Vaarariah Vaararu ..Numma Karuppusamy Vaararu and Mooku udachaverey Iyyanare.

Thursday, December 13, 2007



Prabhu Nepaul the producer- director of TV serials pulled off a coup of sorts when he signed Sudha Chandran of Mayuri fame to act in his mega soap Jaiyam currently on air at Jaya TV. It was after the successful completion of 681 episodes of the mega-comedy-serial, Krishna Cottage for the same channel , Jakaarb Telefilms (JT) started Jaiyam which is nearing its 200th episode.

Rich in production values ,producer Prabhu Nepaul said " Bringing back Sudha Chandran again to Tamil screen and that too to act in a TV serial was a difficult task, since the dancer- actress had left filmdom 12 years ago and settled in Mumbai running a Nache Mayuri Academy coaching Bharathanatyam to many of the Mumbaites. After hearing the subject, she immediately agreed to don the greasepaint,"

In an interview, Prabhu says, " Being born in South Africa, I always wanted to produce telefilms and serials which depicted the Indian cultural values. I am making such types films and TV serials. You can term me as the ’cultural ambassador' to South African Tamils.

When tear jerker soaps are ruling the roost, Prabhu dared to produce - direct a comedy serial like Krishna Cottage. " Foremost thing in producing a comedy soap is that one should not hurt the feelings of others. Making a comedy serial is a serious business for me. Similarly, when a family drama like Jaiyam is produced, one has to depict the real problems that one confront in one's life. In Jaiyam , Sudha Chandran solves various problems which is very real and faced by many of us everyday. Our scripts are are viewer friendly”claims the director.

The devadasi's are usually potrayed with sleaze but Prabhu's Krishna Dasi serial for SUN TV Channel telecast some years before focussed about Devadasis contribution to art, dance and music and how it forms a part of their life. “Music critique Subbudu praised me saying that the Krishan Dasi had featured about the good relationship between husbands and wives as is being practised in Indian culture since time immemorial," revealed Prabhu.

Prabhu's mother hailed from Thanjavur from a Saiva Pillai family and his father from the Royal family of Nepal. He learnt Bharathanatyam from his mother in Nepal and later from Vempatti Chinna Sathyam. “After having learnt Bhartanatyam , I wanted to bring our traditional forms of India through films and tele serials. This I have been doing so for the last 12 years" says Prabhu Nepal happily.

His production company produced a film titled "Nelson Mandela's - freedom 50”. It was about the real life drama of the South African leader. JT has also produced Television serials for Indian, Singapore, Malaysian, South Africa and Sri Lanka TV Channels which has won the laurels and awards.

Some of the famous mega-serials of Jakaarb Telefilms are Bhairavi - Star Vijay, Sanghrush the true stories from the files of the ministry of finance, Customs and Excise for SUN TV, Kaatrai Varuven, Mandira Vasal, Kadhiravan, Swarangal, Uravugal, Police Diary, Nila and Picnic Antakshri (Game show) etc.,

Adds Prabhu Nepal, “Today elders ask their children to watch my serials. My serials given importance to the necessity of Hindu girls wearing mangalasutra and metti on their legs. I have given explanations in my serials quoting Hindu Upanishads. It is very subtly told like a sugar coated pill. There were a lot of positive feedbacks from various quarters of the people about this" adds Prabhu.

Now the JT is producing Indian English a full-length comedy film with most of the artistes from South Africa . The shooting would be in India. " I am sure this film will entertain millions of Tamils settled down in South Africa" says a confident Prabhu ." The pre-production of the film is over and I will have to fix up a date for the commencement of the shooting" says Prabhu.

" I love to do homely roles " Sri Vidya


In mega serial Megala Sri Vidya is shown as an innocent girl unexpectedly marrying a drunkard and leads her fearful life with him on one side, and with the worries of her father who runs away from home after a heavy bankruptcy. The serial is telecast on the Sun TV Channel on Mondays to Fridays caught the eyes of many, when the story line of the serial took a sudden twist immediately after the marriage of the Sri Vidya and aftermath the running away of Deepan Chakravarthy.
A decade ago she was a child-artiste in various films. Today she is heroine in various TV mega serials. Miss Sri Vidya Aravamudhan is most sought after artiste nowadays to act in homely roles in mega soaps. " I always wanted to appear in homely roles. I don't want to be seen in any other roles, for I fear this might create a bad impression about me among the tv viewers" speaks Sri Vidya to this reporter.

Whenever a production company offered her to do roles for their soaps, this actress' father Aravamudhan who is looking after the schedules of his daughter will visit the production companies to know the role of his daughter in the serial. It is only after the satisfaction her father she would sign to act in the serial.

Sri Vidya says, " There was no objection when I started acting for the film, because, then I was hardly seven years. I was freely, then allowed to act in films as a child artiste".

The acting career began for Sri Vidya when she was asked to do a small girl of the film's heroine Roja for the film Unnidithil Ennai Kodhuthen produced by Lakshmi Movie Makers. Besides, she was asked to do small characters in Bala, Nanda, Budget Padmanaban. But in the film Ennaveley she did the role of Sneha's sister and in Sillunnu Oru Kadhal she acted as Jothika's sister.

Now she is acting in the Telugu mega serial Mouna Ragam being telecast on Zee Telugu. She does the role of a heroine whose love to take care of the people's problem of her own. The serial is a successful one with more than 275 episodes has won laurels to Sri Vidya.

The turning point to act in matured roles came to the actress when she did the Shakthi character for the director K.Balachander's Sahana mega-serial for the Jaya TV. The director showed her as a matured girl in the serial. " The role has fetched me good name" recalls the actress.

In Kolangal she is doing the role of Aarti by marrying an auto driver. Besides, she did a lot of role in yesteryears AVM's Nimmadhi, Malargal.

At present she has been asked to do a heroine role for the Kalaignar TV's mega serial under the direction of Manobala. " I like the character in the serial very much and I will continue to act as long as I act in homely roles " says Sri Vidya.

Sri Vidya very recently finished her plus two examination has become a student of the commerce group and is doing her degree. Each and every bit of moment for the progress of Sri Vidya, Aravamudhan leaves sometimes his tax consultancy business to his subordinates and is full attentive in taking her to various shootings.



Directing films or mega soaps for TV channels is not new to him. It is in his genes. For the mega serial Mouna Ragam's ( Zee TV- Telugu) director Oruganty Raghu Sankar it is too difficult to become an individual director. He entered as an Assistant Director to Late K.Applacharyar who did a lot of comedy films in those days. In the next year ( 1984) he joined as Assistant Director K.S.R.Das and worked for some films. Aftermath he joined as an Assistant to ace director K.Raghavendra Rao and worked with him for many successful films for more than 12 years.He also did assistant direction under Y.V.S.Chowdry for the Telugu film OHM. He learnt many things from Kannada film director Upendra. His father O.S.R.Anjaneyulu who is director of low-budget films in those days did 10 movies. For each and every milestone of his career advancement he never used his father's name to get chance. " All I did because, I am interested in directing films and serials" says Raghu to the Guide.

Today, Mouna Ragam, the Zee TV's Telgu Channel mega-serial is highly rated in the market and with the requests from the viewers the episodes of the serial have been increased by another 100 days.

He adds" Today people are seeing variety of entertainments in various channels. You can't cheat them with some filthy stories which are already shown either in films or in other tv soaps. Many thought Mouna Ragam now being shown in the ZEE Telugu channel was the remake of the Tamil film Mouna Ragam. Really it is not so. If it is so, why then there were thousands of phone calls and letters from viewers from various parts of the country asking us to continue the serial? In fact the Hansa Vision who produces the serial wanted to complete the story with 250 episodes.Knowing the soap is coming to an end the viewers wrote to the Zee Telugu Channel to continue it for some more time."

Raghu says, "There is a chemistry for each and every show. Once we cross the limits then the serial or any film will flop. I had seen it in my career. That is why I said, people are not fools. They take good things always from us and wish to continue watch the serial",.

Speaking about the success of the mega-serial ( Mouna Ragam ) and the extension of the soaps by further 100 episodes,he said, the soap had gone beyond 265 episodes, because it was a good story-weight as well script-wise. He says the artistes in the serial were the familiar artistes of many successful films. Raj Kumar, Seenu, Lakshmi Raj, Bhanu Prakash, Suchitra, Sri Vidya, Bhuvaneswari, Vandana, Lakshmi Priya, Thathaneni Rajeswari who perform their excellent acting under the versatile director Raghu. "Hence, I did not feel any tiredness or vexed in directing this soap" says Raghu.

When asked about the success for the serial with high TRP market in the newly launched channel Zee ( Telugu), he said, " I am really happy about the story. It is a story of love. After marriage they start to love each other. Each exposes their love silently even after their marriage. When he wants to reciprocate his love to her some incidents take place. She mistakes him. When she wants to do something to him with love, again some other mistakes takes place. He mistakes her. In this way, the story is woven, without getting bored for the viewers", says the Director.

When asked about what is his next project for direction, he rises his hand above his shoulders "God alone knows" tells in Telugu "anni Aayenakay telusu".



Shilpa, is the only small-screen artiste who loves to buy costumes for her different roles she had been doing for various mega soaps. She feels, when some one offers her to appear in rich man's daughter role, she could alone do the role with the required costumes purchased by her from her own money. For costumes, at any time she never depended upon the producers. Claims, this charming artiste, " I have purchased everything for my Nandini Devi role in Nimmadhi. The entire production unit praised me when I appeared as a rich girl".

Shilpa is tall with fair in colour. Her elder sister Nirmala, who have decided to support Shilpa for her acting career is the brain behind for the selection of costumes. From hair pins, to colourful sarees, the TV production companies sometime deceived the eyes of the viewers, that Shilpa was acting for a big budgeted companies.

Shilpa who frequents to Mumbai with her elder sister Nirmala for her costumes says, " My dressings and even rechristening my name as Shilpa from P.S.Mary Teresa were my own choices". She narrates how she changed her name to Shilpa. " I have moved by the name eversince I joined in the Holy Angels Convent. A sort of attraction I felt, when my intimate friend was called by everyone as Shilpa. I was waiting for an opportunity when I can change my name to Shilpa. The time was ripe, when the Jaya TV selected me to anchor Hit List Movies programme and College Special programs. I appeared in the channel with the name Shilpa. With the sheer luck as it would have been with the change of my name to Shilpa the Jaya TV Channel gave me a privilege to come for the anchoring after attending my school classes" says Shilpa in an interview to the TV Guide.

On seeing Shilpa's anchoring, she started receiving offers from Vijay TV Channel to do Pamban Super Hit film songs.

She recalls, of the all the serials she did so far, AVM's Nimmadhi gave her good name, She did the role of a rich man's daughter Nandhini Devi whose penchant for marrying her own aunt's son when not fructified, she takes the revenge against the hero. The story revolves around the vengeful act of Nandhini which ruins her upliftment and finally she dies after tendering her apologies to the entire family.

The character catapulted her with the offers to act in various tv soaps. Now Shilpa is very busy with the schedules of Bandham, and telugu soap Vennilamma for the Gemini TV Channel. She plays the second sister role with Sarath Babu as her father. She is acting in DD's Thamarai mega serial directed by Dhanraj.

When asked about her future plans, she said, " Though acting for serials had given me pleasure, I feel this is not the end of my career. I am very much interested to direct serials too. I have learnt the nuances of technical aspect of producting serials and if anyone is prepared to give me a chance I want to take up the assignment".

When asked about her dance in the Star Vijay TV Jodi number 1, she said that the programme was a good flatform to all the artistes who appeared in the first round. "I appeared on the stage with Bharath Kalyan, but could not win the prize. But, we are all not professional dancers, we rehearsed day and night and we did something to get applause for the dance"

Going back to her costume-talk she said," I always used Apoorva type of sarees and I always used original silk sarees with different hair designers, jewellery and many other things that a woman could do to beautify herself. I want to do the roles always like using my costumes. I always like different colours, but I am very particular using Ink Blue colour", says Shilpa.

She opened one of her rooms and showed the costumes were dumped inside the room. " I thank my parents and Nirmala " for lending me a good support for my acting career.



Perhaps Vadivukarasi is one of the very few actresses like Sita and Sulakshana who could fit in charming and glamorous mothers' role in films and tv serials as well and this is the reason why she is most sought after nowadays by producers. Very recently, after her mother's role in the film Sivaji for Rajnikanth she has come back to act in small-screen soaps.

"For me acting in cinema and television is the same. The only difference is that you can take enough time and act in relaxed manner for cinema, but to act for soaps you must act spontaneously, like dishes are prepared from fast-food outlets" says Vadivukarasi. The actress who was available at a remotest house in Virugambakkam was doing her role in Gauravam for the Raj TV channel.

Vadivukarasi who has 350 films and 15 TV serials to her credit to narrates about her acting career.

With her qualification in Hotel Management, the young Vadivukarasi then was able to join in the house keeping department of the Chennai Hotel Connemera. She wanted to supplement her income to support her family running under penury due to the sudden demise of her uncle and film producer and dialogue writer A.P.Nagarajan. She got a chance in the Chennai DD to anchor a live program. Spontaneity in speaking Tamil without mingling the words with English is her forte. Her friends and relatives, who watched her performances in the live program, began to advise her to act in films. That was the beginning of her career as heroine in Kanni Paruvathiley with Rajesh.

She narrates that she had faced financial problems on several occasions and the TV serials had given her a new lease of life. "It was in late 90s when the Tamil film workers went in strike, there was no film produced then, naturally like others in the industry, I also suffered. Then it was the time, Nimbus Productions, then produced a mega serial Shakthi offered me to do the role of a monk who could predict the happenings in the near future. I was given 54-page dialogue to do the role. It took only 30 minutes for me to memorize it and without any trepidation, I vomited the dialogues" says Vadivukarasi. "I was paid Rs.12,000 per day for my appearance in the serial. I was the first person to receive such huge remuneration from the producers" claims Vadivukarasi. "One can't belittle a person acting in TV serials. As I said earlier, acting for the film and TV are the same. Many derive benefit by acting in soaps, for it sharpens the acting ability of actors" says Vadivukarasi.

The actress thankfully acknowledges many tv film producers for adjusting with her the dates for her shooting. She recalls, "Many producers like Vimala Ramanan of the Hansa Vision would call all the main artistes to her office, while the dates for the schedule of shooting is drawn. Her production unit is very particular about the availability of the artistes on the scheduled dates".

Vadivukarasi is of the opinion, to make any daily soaps successful; the producers should strive to make the each day a suspenseful climax, so as to make the audiences to watch the next day episode too. She says, "People can't be cheated. The viewers possess proper skill and judgment in analyzing things. The success of soap lies in the hands of the good directors with good story lines and short footages".
When asked about the artistes who are often portrayed in negative characters face severe criticisms and scathing attacks of the public if they are out of their houses, the actress replied, "If they face any attack, it means the serial is doing well and the story had settled down in the minds of the people", laughs Vadivukarasi and with a pause, "I have never seen Vimala Ramanan portrayed any character in her serials negatively. I have done at least seven serials for them. She used to tell all those who were born on this earth with negative character one day would realize their mistakes and at a certain point of time they become good".

Vadivukarasi is now busy with the schedules with various Tamil films and is also acting in mega-serials like Megala and Gauravam. She gratefully acknowledges Mother Aurobindo's blessing makes her to feel lightly whatever be the obstacles that come in her way. She said that she had lost all her earnings over a row with her husband in the year 2003 and she was able to run her family because of the Mother.

She had acted in many other serials like Archanai Pookal, Kudumbam, Agal Vilakku, Amman, Muhurtham and a dozen of other soaps won her name.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



A turning point in R.Aishwarya's life started only after she acted in Radaan TV Productions' Annamalai, a mega-serial produced for the Sun TV. She did the role of the Jothi, a second daughter to Madam Radhika. She thankfully acknowledges the director C.J.Bhaskar who studied the hidden talents in her. In an interview, she comes out that acting is inborn talent hidden in everyone. It is the creator who should identify and bring it out from persons, according to the actress Aishwarya.

When this reporter went to her flats, she was hurriedly packing for the outdoor shootings of the Namma Kudumbum for the Kalaignar TV to be launched soon. She acts in a main role with actress Kushboo directed by Sundar K.Vijayan.

"I have my own practical experience to tell this. When I was anchoring "count-down" programme for the Jaya TV channel for more than a year, many producers noticed me and might have thought that I could fit in for acting. But at that time I felt acting before camera was a new thing" says Aishwarya.

"Very few have noticed me when I acted in a friend role for Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi Sangamam. The mega-serial was telecast by the Sun TV in the evenings between 7 to 7.30 PM when most of them returned homes from their offices or many youngsters were concentrating on their studies" says Aishwarya.

Aishwarya did character roles in Hansa Visions' Agal Vilakkugal, and Abhinaya Creations Maangalyam simultaneously but they too were telecast in the afternoon hours. She says 'the roles in the two serials were good, but it was watched by a very few house wives at that time.

Now Aishwarya is appearing in the prime-time serials like Muhurtham, Anandam and in the morning hours in Bandham. "I never allow anyone to give voice for me and hence I act and go straight to dubbing theaters to finish off my work" and adds "I get satisfaction by doing it".

Aishwarya who hides nothing from her talks, tells that she has been chosen to act in Namma Kudumbam with Kushboo. She did her graduation through correspondence courses and her father Rajamani is a retired business man. Her elder sister is settled in the USA after marriage. Aishwarya has two Pomeranians as her pets, lives in Nandanam in a small apartment.

Besides Tamil serials, she is acting in Telugu serials like Katha Kaani Katha, Thalambaraalu, Maa intti Mahalakshmi and Malli.

On seeing her performances in Annamalai as drug-addict, Aishwarya started receiving offers to act in films. She did the roles of a friend of Sneha for April Maadhathil, a deaf and dumb role in Thavasi, Jothika's sister in Dum Dum Dum and in Lovely she did the role of Malavika's sister.

However Aishwarya feels, that acting in mega-soaps had given her hopes, that she would able to do any roles, and in the future, if her husband allows her she would continue to act in soaps but not in films.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Makkal TV Crew directly visit the spot and film the exact problems that arise on account of economic, social and political conditions. Karmal who is anchor of the programme directly screen out the scenes of those problems and put forth a lot of questions before the public to change the prevailing situations. The viewers suggest a suitable remedy to solve those problems. The programme will be aired on two days in a week ( Mondays and Fridays) at 11 AM.


Kadicha Gold is a programme on Jokes. The participants in the programme has to contact the telephone number and must tell his Jokes to the anchor Boskey. One gold coin will be presented to the person who comes out with best Kadi Joke. The serial is produced by Jaya TV Channel. The programme will be on the air between Mondays to Fridays at 8.30 PM.


A new mega serial Jananam on the Mega TV Channel is being aired between 9 PM and 9.30 PM. It is the story of black magic combined with devotional. Yaar Kannan directs the serial and also acts in the serial in a different role.

The story is about happenings beyond our control and senses. What is the reason behind these happenings? The shooting of the serial are shot in Podhigaimalai, Kollimalai, Chathuragiri, Adhi Tirupathi, Brahma Rishi hills. Music Director Chandra Bose does a role and also does the background music of the serial. Cinematography is done by A.Sabapathy. Seetha, Chandra Bose, Director Manoj Kumar, Jaya Sathya, Kovai Babu, Svetha, Bhuvaneswari, Kamalesh, Premi, Sri Hari, Sasi Mohan and Gautami.

Arusuvai Neram in Jaya TV Channel

Arusuvai Neram is about cook and test the taste being telecast through the Jaya TV Channel on all Tuesdays at 6.30 pm has had drawn a lot of people who are really interested in preparing new varitety of foods. From this week, the Arusuvai Neram will focus the tasty vegetarian items which are all good for the school going children with their lunch boxes. Dr Abdul Rahman tells the content of the vitamins, proteins and minerals in our daily food that we eat everyday. The programme is anchored by Mallika Badrinath.


Mega TV Channel is becoming mega in its ideas with the introduction of mega serial Dhinam Dhinam Deepavali being telecast on Monday to Friday between 9.30 pm and 10.00pm. It is a story of the rulings of mother-in-law (Nalini) over her two daughters in law. The first daughter in law (Sadhana) is managing her relationship with Nalini by pretending as if she is obedient to her mother-in-law. The second daughter-in-law (Oorvambhu Lakshmi)makes a trick of creating bad blood between mother-in-law and Sadhana. Pandu is shown as the head of the family but no respect in the family. All the three in the serial are exhibited in a comedy way with a theme.

Sadhana though has become old, she appears very younger than Nalini in the serial does her experiences of acting well. To cite, the Kabadi match between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was appealing in the last episode.

The serial is produced by Thiruvallur Kalai Koodam. Story and Direction by Ganesh Rajendran. Screen Play is done by Karthikeyan, Rajeswari and Rajendran and the dialogues of the serial is done by S.P.Karthikeyan. Lyrics by Paa.Vijay and Music by Deva and the cinematography is done by B.Suriya Prakash. Creative head is Gopalan, Gopi and P.Karthik.


Jaiyam on Jaya TV Channel on all Mondays to Fridays between 9 PM and 9.30 has crossed more than 300 episodes. The serial has some decent selected audiences from India and abroad is the story of Padma who is puppet in the hands of Chakravarthi. She tries to come out of his control. Sudarsan is fighting out the treacherous ideas of Chakravarthi. He is with the idea of joining his sister Ranganayaki. Will Padma come out of Chakravarthi's control and join Rangnayaki family.

For all these suspenseful expectations, find answers in the coming episodes.

Nalini, Vetri, Gautam, Sudha Chandran and other leading artistes are appearing in the serial. The serial is produced by Prabhu Nepal for Jakaarb Productions.

Monday, December 10, 2007



In the films like Anniyan, Enga Veetu Pillai and Michael Madana Kamarajan the heroes had enough time to change their costumes, voice modulations and money that are required to produce any number of films. But, producing TV serials with double roles always expensive and time consuming. Hence, the producers avoid altogether the stories based on the subjects like twins or 'father and son' looking alike talking with each other on many scenes.

It is after Radaan TV Arasi in which actress Radhika appears in dual role as mother and daughter, San Media Productions' Bandham', have come out with double role subject. It is about two identical sisters , fights with each other for entrenching their rights over a property and in establishing their mother an innocent woman who was arrested.

The dual role in Bandham was done by Preethi Srinivas and now Rindhya has taken over the two roles. She appears as Nithila and Jeeva being soft and rough characters respectively.

Preethi Srinivas narrates her experiences and difficulties to the She says while filming both the characters to appear on the same scene, talking with each other, she has to change her costumes quite often for Jeeva and Nithila characters. "Normally, it may take 30 minutes to change the costumes but by keeping the budget of the soap, time and availability of the sun-light, I change it in 10 mts, and will be immediately on the spot to do the other character" says Preethi Srinivas.

"It is a very tedious job to do both the roles at a time, because I have to speak both the dialogues at a stretch with different modulations. But, I will be surprised and feel happy in the dubbing theater when I see myself talking with the other person alike me. It is a sort of entertainment for me" says Preethi Srinivas.

"Bandham director Hari Babu, who had seen my roles in various soaps,one day called on me and said that he expected two different types of acting. The writer Kumaresan Henry Sam who was beside in the meeting advised me to go view the double acting films of MGR and Rajinikanth to settle down in an idea to do the roles. I followed their instructions strictly and now I am in the good books of various producers and directors" says Preethi who has just passed out of her Intermediate examination of the Chartered Accountancy.The San Media Productions worked out the script with a team for more than six months to produce the soap, reveals Preethi.

She was an aw-shucks initially, when the entire production unit praised her acting. She thought it was an encouragement from her colleagues.She realised that they have really praised her when the director P.Samuthirakani praised her over phone and asking her to keep the tempo of acting.

Preethi has no basic experience in acting when her father Srinivas took her to the ace film director K.Balachandar for a chance in Micro Macro, a weekly serial produced five years ago for the Raj TV channel. The director while offering her chance strictly told Srinivas, the relationships between their families was different and acting before camera was different." No compromise " cautioned Balachander.

'" I took it as a challenge that I should not be scolded by anyone in the shooting spot. I was able to achieve a good name through the Micro Macro because, the dialogues of the Bombay Chanakya and the instructions of director Naga were easy for me" says Preethi. " For me, it was like an acrobat doing his skilful jobs with a balance in a circus tent" says Preethi.

Following the Micro Macro, she did roles in mega-serials like Ahalya, Veetuku Veedu Looti, Viswaroopam etc., Radan TV gave her a good break in Annamalai with Nurkse character. As a lover who becomes widow the young Preethi stole the show.

Apart from her acting, Preethi is bharthanatyam and Kuchupudi dancer. She has been a student of Kalakshetra since her childhood days. Her first Bharathanatyam Arangetram took place when she was eight years old. She did the Kuchupudi arangetram in the year 2005 and still continues her dance classes on week ends.

She wants to become a film actress and said that she was waiting for an opportunity from good directors. Like her elder brother who is a qualified Chartered Accountant she wants to complete her final CA by working under auditing firm.

When asked about her future plans, she quipped that " I don't know what I am going to be in the next year. Perhaps, I may continue my acting or dancing or aiming to become a CA. God alone Knows" says Preethi.

Now Preethi is acting in Vairanenjam for the Kalaignar TV Channel and Lakshmi for the Sun TV Channel. Recently, she won the best dancer award in the Vijay TV Channel's Jodi No.1 Season 2.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Sona who does the role of Villainy in the film Mirugam, appears in full glamour role. Her glamour appearance to the extent which no other glamour artistes would afraid to do is causing worries for the other female glamour artistes, for hereafter the producers would seek the dates from Sona and if she is not available then the chance would go to the next glamorours artistes.

Sona in Pathu Pathu film also appears in full glamorous appearance.

Rambumbum - learn dance while you are at home

( By N.Thyagarajan)

Chutti TV's Rambumbum (8.30 AM to 9.00 AM) has been acclaimed the most interesting programme for the young kids. who are starving quite a long time to learn the western classical dances. The opportune to learn dances now knocks at their door steps in the form of Rumbumbum programme being telecast everyday in the mornings. Though it is aired for 15 minutes ony has caught the eyes of many when it started a month ago when the children were joyfully enjoying their Summer holidays. With Ms.Lizzy Miranda's able creative guidance and the dancer R.Hariharan's easy ways of coaching dance, it became popular.
Jazz and Hip Hop of the Americans and South Africans are taught step by step and any individual whether young or old could easily practise it in homes and feel proud that they learnt something about those dance varieties, says Hari.
Talking to the TV Directory the dancer R.Hariharan says, that a lot of feed back is pouring in for the programme. Hari who is in his twenties started dancing immediately after he received his meritorious certificate ten years ago. He learnt Salsa, Jibe, Rock and roll. He has travelled widely in and outside the country for public performances and now taken up the assignment coaching young children. He did chroeography for K.Balachander's "Sahana' ,the mega serial which was teleacast sometimes ago in the Jaya TV Channel. He did chreography for India -Pop Album produced by Saregama.
He says" if God permits me I want to take up classes for all the school going children and organise inter schools and colleges competitions to select professional dancers. He thanked the Sun net work for making out an effort to pave the way for coaching classical dances for the children.


( N.Thyagarajan )

Azhagai Irukkirai Bayamai Irukkiradhu fame Mallika Kapoor is now acting in Anthony Yaar? film as a fisher-woman. It is considered a weighty role and she does the role with actor Sham and after the release of the film Mallika will be flooded with a lot of offers. One thing about Mallika Kapoor is not happy that her film Ramesh Puli Varudhu with Jithan Ramesh is not yet released. The producer faces some problems for its release.


Actor Jayaram is too happy to act in the film Saroja directed by Chennai 28 fame Venkat Prabhu. Says Jayaram, " In my two decades of acting career, I have not come across a story like Saroja. That is why I have accepted to act in the film". Mr Jayram is always calling a spade a spade always spoke at the subamuhurat function of the film took recently.

Speaking at the function Madi said that he predicted Venkat Prabhu that the Chennai 28 would be a flop. But to his astonishment, the film ran successfully. Madhavan said, " I myself accept that I have no knowledge about forecasting about any films".

S.P.Balasubramaniam in his speech recalled his association with Ganghei Amaran. He said that when he had a scooter, he used to take the love letters of Ganghei Amaran with him to deliver to his wife. It was after continuous deliveries of those letters, Amaran got married and now he has a son who had been calling him as uncle. He blessed Venkat Prabhu to be a successful director.

SPB also recalled that some of those who served under Ganghei Amaran had served him and now it was SPB who had been serving them.


Four heroines are going to act in the Raman Theidya Seethai film being produced by Moser Baer company in joint production with Blue Ozone Entertainment. Cheran, Pasupathy and Nitin Sathya are the three heroes of the film. But as per the story there are going to be four heroines. The producers have selected Thoothukudi Karthika and Ramya Nambisan as the two heroines. It is expected that either Navya Nair or Padma Priya will be joining in the bandwagons of the film for another heroine role. But what about one more heroine? Let us wait and see how long this will take for them. The production company has planned to commence its shootings from January in Nagerkoil. Do you know who is directing the film? Pudhiya Geethai and Kodambakkam fame Jaganath. He also writes the story, screen play and dialogues of the film

Saturday, December 1, 2007



The famous Malayalam Film Anorikkal is being dubbed into Tamil and is titled as Poonu Thai will be a superhit after the release. The film is produced by Hari Govind and Subbaier for Sowbhaghya Cine Creations. The directors of the films are Sarath Chander and C.A.Ashik. Naren is the hero of the film and Kavya play opposite him. The other artistes are Kalabavan Mani,Ambika, Murali and Hari Govind. The film is to be released in December.



Prakash who has acted in the film Kanna in a father's role, initially had refused to give his voice while the film's dubbing was going on. The film is directed by Anand has made a complaint with the Film Producers Council, Film Directors Council and Film Artistes Association. On approaching the versatile actor's manager for the requirement of the artiste for the dubbing, the manager said that Prakash Raj had gone to Bangkok and would be coming back in the near future and would come for the dubbing. The film is likely to be released in December.


(By Mrs.Karpagam N.Thyagarajan)

Veteran Playback singer T.M.Soundararajan who had lent his voice for a Gana Song for the film Vanchi Desam being produced under Iswarya Production. The singer had lent his voice after 15 years of hiatus sang Chennai Maa Nagarile Sirupudan Vazhum Kadhalargale without any trembling in his voice. The singer is running his 85th year. The new film is coming out with all new faces would soon hit the theaters.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kushboo in trouble

Actress Kushboo is in trouble again — this time for “wearing chappals” in front of idols of goddesses at a film muhurat in Chennai recently.

Gurumurthy, a Hindu Munnani activist, lodged a complaint against the actress before a civil court here today accusing her of hurting religious sentiments. The case has been posted for hearing on December 3.


( by N.Thyagarajan )

Kamna who is outspoken always said recently that she was the last person to bother about the failures that might happen to anyone in film industry. Speaking to news men she said, " I didn't achieve anything in Tamil and Telugu films. Still I am a new face to all. No one recognises me. So I should achieve something in my career. Hereafter, I will pick and choosy in acting for films. If it is a good story I will not even mind the financial aspect".



Perhaps the Bheema due to some financial constraints is to be released for the ensuing Pongal falls on January 14 next year. Vikram has done his role very maturedly which will be one more feather to his cap.

A travel agency businessman who wants to stop the release of the film Bheema due to the Producer A.M.Rathnam who has to pay some money. His case to stop the release of the film till his payments were made did not take place. The court passed the orders in favour of A.M.Rathnam. The film is now in finishing stage with some touch up there and here would be released for the Pongal, the day most auspicious for Tamils.


Mrs.Karpagam N.Thyagarajan

Actress Magna is acting with Sarath Kumar in Varuven and also simultaneously is doing Chandrika with Abbas. Very recently the shootings of the Varuven is over.

In Chandrika Magna does the role of an Industrialist.The film is produced in four languages. Magna also doing a weighty role in a Telugu Film with Ravi Teja and in Hindi with Riyaz. She also dances in various cultural programmes and due to her busy schedules, it is too difficult to meet her.


Comedian Pandu's son Prabhu got married on November 15, 2007. He married Priyadarshini and the marriage took place in Coimbatore. During the reception held on November 18, Prabhu Deva and Santhana Bharathi blessed the couples.



1. Comedian Vadivelu also known as Vaigai Puyal acting as Poojari with magical powers to drive away evil spirits for a film under the direction of Mettioli fame Thirumurugan.

2.Sujitha is acting in mother's role for Meera Jasmine in a Telugu film.

3.S.J.Suryah uses contact lens for "WILL" film now under production. Similarly, Vindhya uses cooling glasses for Azhagu Nilayam film.

4. Soon Veda fame Arun Vijay will be father of a child. He sees his character uplifted in films as well in his domestic life.

Saturday, November 24, 2007



Professionally we do our jobs competitively but has no personal enmity between us, and take this as granted that actor Vijay is my best friend, says Ajith in an interview to the

Are you the next Super Star of the South?
Rajinikanth is my roll model and I consider him he is the only Super Star.

How did you get the idea to remake the Billa film?
I had that idea three years ago. I talked about this with three producers. But no one came forward to remake the film. I must be thankful to Sharukh Khan who had acted in the remake of the Amitabh's Don film. It is only after, the producers here began to remake old films.

Did you meet Rajinikanth before the film is remade?

Yes I met him and talked about my idea of the remake. He also gave his acceptance and it is only after his permission, I started to act in the film. I am very thankful to the Super Star.

Do you expect with the remake films will flourish the Tamil film industry?

It is a good question, but I am not a competitive person to answer, but the directors will be able to answer this question. I am just an actor. I just act before the camera as per the directors' instructions. Though, it is a fact, I want to say that in S.J.Surya's film New, Thottal Poo Malarum old song was remixed. It is one of the reasons for the film's success. When old songs are remixed, why not the stories of the old films in a new bottle could be taken?

Will you act with Vijay?

We have earlier acted in Rajavin Paarviyley. We are not enemies, but we have competiton professionally. If both of us act separately, it would give a lot of job opportunities to a lot of people who depend on the film industry. If there is going to be a story like Sholay, we could think about it.

Do you have any idea to do films for awards?

I am not acting with the expectations of getting awards for the film in which I act. One should not act, by keeping awards in his mind. The story-line should work out to get awards for the film.

Your next film?

I am going to act for the Ayengaran productions under Raju Sundaram's direction.

What do you want to say to your fans?

When I gave good films as well as bad films, my fans were a source of encouragement for me. Without fans there are no openings in films. I appeal all to my fans, to earn money in a proper way when the age and health permit them..

About participating in car races in the near future?

Now I watch car races in TV, no idea of participating in it.

What is your pray to God?

Shalini and her to be born new baby must be healthy and happy. That is the only wish I pray for always.