Monday, November 5, 2007


( By N.Thyagarajan )

Film Producer, Director and actor-comedian Pandiya Rajan has been asked to do a mega serial for the newly launched Kalaignar TV. When approached Pandiya Rajan to find out the veracity of the news, he admitted that he is going to produce a serial in the name of Nethi Adi, a title for his earlier comedy film produced in the year 1983.

The serial is to be directed by Sampath Arumugam, in which the actor himself might appear in a good role. Propably his son Prithvi Rajan might too appear in the serial.

It is said, the serial is a serious one mingled with a lot of fun will be an entertainer for the viewers. Many leading comedians and comedienne have given their consent to act in the serial, it is said.


( N.Thyagarajan )

Chellamadi Nee Enakku which has crossed more than 250 episodes is now heading for its climax. One of the higly rated morning mega serials of the Sun TV Channel, and is seen by mostly house wives is finding who is the parents of Siva. Ajay in this serial does the duel role ( both the names of the duel role is Siva ) is shown as good persons. The enmity between Rajasekar ( Rao Ramesh ) and Chockalingam ( Vincent Roy ) is coming to an end with divulge of their families' secret. The story of the serial is done in a suspensful way directed by Sakthi Vel.

On contacting the Sun TV Channel and Abhinaya Creations many letters had been received asking not to stop the serial, since, many were moved by the story narration of the soap. Gayathri Priya, Mohan Ram, Bhanumathy, Abhishek, Azhagu, Sri Devi and Devi Priya are cast in good roles. It is likely the serial will be over by next week.



This Tamil film comedian has only one aim in his life. To make others always be happy by his timely jokes and mimicking various leading actors and celebrities. Through his acting career in films for over two decades, he has carved a niche for himself.

Now having completed more than 250 films Chinnie Jayanth is now anchoring the Ellamey Siripputhan - a comedy weekly show on the Kalaignar TV Channel between 9.00 PM and 9.30 PM on all Saturdays. The programme has tremendous feed back from various persons who enjoy the show.

Chinnnie Jayanth earlier did another comedy show for the Star Vijay Kalakkapovadhu Yaaru. He participated in two parts of the programmes and with his witty remarks and timely jokes, he proved his mettle that the film industry is not bereft of a comedian who could mimic and ape others and perform his role well in comedy or in serious characters.

Chinnie as one of the Judges with the comedienne Kovai Sarala trace out a list of comedians who could be fit enough to become actors in films. Many film producers who were on the look out for some new comedians had chosen these comedians for their productions after the judgement of the film comedians, it was learnt.

Says Chinnie Jayanth, one must be fortunate to become a comedian. At ease in comic, serious or character roles, Chinnie owes his career to Rajinikanth. While studying at the Chennai New College, he was inspired by the acting of the Super Star. He was living in Pudupet which is very close to Madras Music Academy where a number of drama and dance rehearsals used to take place. Then he used to watch the drama rehearsals of K.Balachander's Ethir Neechal, and other dramas like Thanga Padhakkam and Vietnam Veedu rehearsals in which Shivaji Ganesan acted, before these dramas were made into films. His love for films kindled in him a desire to become an actor.

Director Mahendran who directed Kai kodukkum Kai gave him an opportunity. When the very same film was produced in Kannda under the direction of Puttanna Kanagal he acted in that. " I started my career with this art film and I feel that I can fit in art films" says Chinni.

In the beginning of his career Chinnie did some ad films in which he acted like the superstar for a mosquitto replent. He won the best comedian awards for Kizhakku Vasal, Mounam Kalaigiradhu, Raja Chinna Roja, Pendatti Chonna Kettukanum and Thendral Varum Theru.

"I have come to Ellamey Siripputhan for the Kalaignar TV, because I want to keep myself busy always with anything that is connected with comedy shows" says Chinnie Jayanth.

He recalls, that the Super Star who took him to Malaysia for a public show asked him to mimic his acting. " I spoke like Rajinikanth, and all the people in the auditorium began to give me a non-stop clap for more than 15 minutes. Basically, I am mimicory artiste. But, mimicking is my second profession. I had been to several places like Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and the USA on various occasions. In fact in Canada I was asked to imitate the acting of Eddy Murphy, Jack Nicholson and Michael Jackson, I managed to ape them quite well. When I sang in the auditorium like Steve Honda and Michael Jackson the people in the hall went into raptures. Many who could not attend the Madonna show on that day attended my show. Fifty percent of the Whites praised my talent" recalls Chinnie Jayanth.

When asked about his comedy in the recently released Shivaji film has become a hit, " there I mimic the voice of Shivaji Ganesan instead of the Sivaji of the film Rajinikanth. The scene had brought laughter."

"At any time I never underestimated acting for small-screen or for the big-screen. In my opinion, a clown in a circus could do any assignment, if that particular person or persons did not attend the show to do his work.A clown could play anything in the circus like taming lions,elephants of the circus.He could act as ring master. People who has comedy sense in his life, could do any role in films. This was proved by the ace comedians C.K.Nagesh and the late J.P.Chandra Babu" opines Chinnie Jayanth.

Chinnie also a producer of many films and directed all his films. He has done direction for some serials for the Jaya TV Channel and DD Tamil.

" I want to go on acting to make my audience always happy" says Chinnie Jayanth.



All men have not reached their heights in one day. They toiled years together and finally reached their desired goals. This is going to be in the case of Sudha Praburam who hailed from a village in Vayaloor in Trichy district and settled down in Chennai with her family on account of her husband's transfer.

" I was alone at home, when my husband went to office. I want to do something in my life and I was looking for a job. My husband suggested me to do news reading job for a channel, since, I have studied Tamil upto my college level and I could write and read properly. Then, I joined in three months course on News Reading practising classes in AF School of News Reading organised by Abul Fiaz. There I had my training and everyone started telling me that my news reading was good. That gave me further impetus to join in a channel " says Sudha to the TV Guide.

It was not an easy thing to find a job as News Reader then, says Sudha. Sudha everyday used to visit various channels' offices to find out whether she would receive any job. But she could not find anywhere, except 'anchoring job' on a two-year contract basis with the Chennai DD for the Podhigai's Pon Vilayum Bhoomi. " It was a nice programme, but I lost interest in the anchoring job and finally gave it up even before the contract was ceased" says Sudha.

It was then, the Imayam TV Channel was looking for someone who could do their Magalir Mattum Talk show. Says Sudha, " The Magalir Mattum show gave me a lot of publicity and I enjoyed to do the job of anchoring. Because, the work was not a repetition one. Each and every episode of the programme would be covered by different topics. I was moved by the talks of various women who participated in the programme. The programme had a tremendous audiences which I enjoyed. However, I could not get a News Reader's job".

There is a proposal that soon the Imayam TV Channel would be coming out with daily Tamil News and the opportunity of reading the news might be given to Sudha who has been anchoring various programmes of the channel.

Now Sudha Praburam is anchoring Thirai Varisai ( Cinema programme) under the title of Film Count Down. She is also anchoring Thirai Kannottam, a programme about the review of recently released film. Besides, Sudha does the job of "Voice Over" work. To put it in a nutshell about the "Voice Over" is a job of reading about a particular news or event or reading about a person or a place or a temple when the scene runs on in the channel. Sometimes the Voice Over recorded early and are synchronised with the scenes before its telecast. Sudha also doing the job of telecasting of the songs and dance seqences of the various old films for the Endrum Iniyavai slot of the channel.

Sudha, without mike would be able to bring out her voice with proper Tamil diction blending and attracting all those who talk with her. " She says her voice and the language is the plus point of her and she is yet to be recognised for the News Readers job. Sudha loved many a time, the Tamil News readings of the DD Podhigai Shobana Ravi and said she was her role model.

She refused the offfers when she was asked to do a role in Vijay TV's Kana Kaanum Kaalangal and Podhigai's mega serial Padhaigal. " My aim is to become only a news reader, how then I will go for acting. No Chance!" vehemently refusing Sudha said.

"There was a time I still remember, I don't know what to do. I could not face even a small problems then. After I finished my course on News Reading, I got a self-confidence, that I could do any job. Sun TV Channel's Vanakkam Tamizhagam anchor Gowri taught me the displines that are to be adhered by one aspiring to become a News Reader. I strictly stick on to it and I hope that I will become a News Reader in the near future." says Sudha with a self-confidence in her speech.

What she meant was that the Imayam TV Channel soon will have its News in Tamil slot and this Sudha who has matured enough in doing her News Reading job will be given the job in the channel.