Saturday, November 2, 2013


By Sai Vignesh.T

Actress Archana is first recognized by Director Balu Mahendra who later won the famous Urvasi Award for best acting.She is being brought into the small screen after 6 years of inaction in the cine industry by director suresh krishna.She is going to take her first step in the small screen through the serial titled "Unarvugal" in the channel "Pudhu Yugam" starting from Monday.This serial portrays different scenarios in one's life such as happy moments,sad moments,union and separation of families etc.This would give the viewers a good experience of watching a film in the small screen says Director Suresh Krishna.This serial will telecast from Monday to friday at 8 pm on "Pudhu Yugam".

Thursday, October 31, 2013



   "Even for television serials,censorship is must" says Kushboo who had shifted her focus completely onto it after a good run through the
kollywood.She expects even the advertisements to have
censorship as some "Adults only" contents are being telecast in the
afternoons.This is because when the cricket matches which are viewed mostly by small children telecast such ads,they tend to spoil the young
minds.She also added that in TV serials,everything is based on the TRB rating which in turn evaluates the likes/dislikes of the viewers. At last she said that when there is a change in the taste of the people watching programmes,there should be a change in the programmes being viewed too.