Saturday, February 23, 2008



As per the Chennai Court's order,a Japthi warrant was issued in favour of the Coporation of Madras to recover their Tax amount of Rs. 19.19 lakhs due from the owners of the Jayaprada theater. The Corporation which received the judgement in their favour on Friday entered the theater's premises and ceased all the reel boxes of the news film and the dubbed version of the Telugu film Kazhagu which was kept ready for the morning 10'O clock show. Similarly, the Corporation officials took away all the reel boxes of the film that were kept ready for the show in Raj Theater on the first floor of the Jaya Prada theater. This is nth time, that the theaters have been receiving such court orders, since the theater owner actress Jayaprada and her actor-brother Raju have settled down in Andhra Pradesh and the theater lacked a proper management person to handle the situation. However, the officials of the theaters started arranging money to remit the entire Corporation Tax due by them.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


( By N.Thyagarajan )

Australian actress Nicole Kidman's swiming dress will be auctioned by a Swiss Charity for the benefit of the poor Indian farmers who could not afford to buy even cattle for their day today living.

The charity has decided to auction the swimming dress of Nicole, when its one of its members who is also a fan of the actress bought it from a Swimming pool officials. The actress was in Stockholm six years ago visited the swimming pool and swam for more than an hour but forgot to take back her dress. The dress was handed over to the local radio station and the Swiss Charity member who is the fan of the actress bought it from the radio station.

Recently, the Charity in its meeting had discussed various means to raise funds to help the poor Indian farmers. Nicole's fan who is also a member had decided to auction the dress of the actress' and donate the money to the charity to help the Indian farmers.

Soon the dress will be auctioned.



"Glamour does not belong to a particular person. The time has come, to appear in glamorous roles, because my earlier films were given importance to my characters" says Padma Priya.

The actress elaborated that her roles in films, had given a brand that she is a character artiste. But in order to change the opinion and to retain her market in films, she wanted to act in glamour roles.

When asked about her present films in which she had decided to act, she replied that she is acting in film Durai with action king Arjun. She adores the glamour role, but says the glamour in the film is shown mildly. She is also acting in a Hindi film with Siddharth besides two films in Malayalam.

In Hindi "I am acting as a bar girl " with half pants and different colours of banians.

Monday, February 18, 2008



After Thotta, Jeevan and Priyamani have signed up to act in another film to be produced by E.L.K,Antony. Though the film's pooja took a long back, the shooting did not take place for sometime for the reasons best known to the producer alone. However, Antony has brought Priyamani to this film to do the heroine role. The name of the film is Payanigal Gavanathirukku. If this film is released as expected then it will be second film for Jeevan and Priyamani combination.


The heat of the ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ protests in Rajasthan hit Sunday crowds in the rest of the country as the Rajput community stepped up protests against "distortion of history" in the Mughal period drama.

Hundreds of Rajput activists staged demonstrations at a multiplex in Gurgaon. In Ahmedabad, protesters armed with lathis entered a cinema when the show was on and shouted slogans against director Ashutosh Gowariker. Agitating Rajput community members tore posters of the film at another cinema in Patna.

Over 150 people protesting against the film in Gurgaon, disrupted the screening and vandalised posters and advertisements. The protesters gathered around the MGF Metropolitan Mall on M G Road at noon demanding that the screening of the movie be stopped. Cops took guard at DLF City Centre, another multiplex, also screening the film.

Though two youths were picked up by police, they were later let off. "There was no need for arrests. We managed to disperse the protesters. The screening of the movie also resumed, said Satheesh Balan, DCP (Gurgaon east).

The protesters alleged that the director of the film and actors had hurt the sentiments of the community and played a cruel joke on their culture. "This cannot be tolerated. In the 16th century Rajput girls never came out of their homes, so how could there be a love affair between Jodha Bai and Akbar. They have manipulated the facts and history for commercial gain, said Bhupender Singh, a protester.

A mob of 100-125 men holding saffron flags with ‘Rajput’ written on them barged into Galaxy cinema at Naroda around 10.30 am. The disruption forced the cinema owner to postpone all shows of the film "till the situation returns to normal. The cinema hall owners were also roughed up by the mob.

Activists of Jan Kalyan Kshatriya Manch, an organisation of the Rajput community, tore posters of the film outside the Ahshok Cinema in Patna where it was scheduled for release at noon.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


MGR'S old film title is the title for Kamal Hassan's new film to begin the shooting by March end this year. The film is co-produced by Hollywood's Walt Disney Pictures will be a mega-budget film rivalling the Robot of the director Shankar. A.R.Rahman has given his consent to do music of the film.The story of the film is about the happenings in the seventh century will have actors and actresses who would be suitable for those characters. It has been said, that Madhavan and Kamal's daughter Sruti will be acting in the film. There is an idea to film the major part of the Marma Yogi in Thailand.



The latest news about the mega-budget film Robot is that Action King Arujun will be joining his hands with the Super Star Rajinikanth. If he really joins the Super Star then it will be his first film with Rajnikanth. Basically, Rajini hails from the state of Karnataka though his mother tongue is Marathi, he always wished to take front ranking artistes to those who are Kannadigas. Arjun hails from Lingayat communities, the community is known for its orthodox and devotion to the Lord Shiva. Similarly, when Rajini started his career he had acted in films produced by Dwarakeesh. Vishnuvardhan too acted with Rajnikanth. This includes his Transport friend and his former colleague of the Karnataka State Transport Corporation. So inviting an action king, who, has set the standards in his fighting, to act with Rajnikanth is no wonder. Action King Arjun earlier acted with Kamala Hassan in Kuruthipunal. According to Arjun's interview to some magazines, he had mentioned that he was a great fan of Rajnikanth and had praised him calling Rajnikanth a noble hearted with bravery man.

Arjun was the first actor to support the Super Star Rajnikanth when he observed fast at the Chennai Government's house for the cause of implementing cauvery water tribunal.


The 58th Berlin Film Festival which concluded on Saturday made a special reference to the Parutheeverran. The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema, also known as NETPAC, made a special reference about the film stating that the film was 2007 Tamil box-office hit.

According to Ameer, the film's director, the Tamil film had evoked a very enthusiastic response from German and European film enthusiasts when the film was screened at the International Forum of Young Cinema. Tamil cinema's new discovery Karthi, whose debut performance in the film earned him wide acclaim at home and abroad, Ameer said.

The three-member NETPAC jury, which included Indian film critic Meenakshi Shedde, gave the organisation's main prize to "United Army" by Japanese director Wakamatsu Koji.

The film paints a critical yet emphatic picture of the militant student movement of the 1960s that spawned one of the most violent terrorist groups ever.

It also received the prize of International Confederation of Art film Theatres (CIAE).

This year's prizes of the International Confederation of Film Journalists went to the Mexican entry 'Lake Tahoe' by Fernando Eimbcke, Israeli film 'Shahida-Brides of Allah' by Natalie Assouline which was shown in the Forum programme and 'Rusalka' (Mermaid) by Anna Melikian, a Russian entry in the Panorama section