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" I wanted to get into media while I was a student of the VIT University, but I never thought of becoming an actress" said actress Bindhu Madhavi, who was here to participate in the 19th Annual Alumni Meet of the VIT University, held in the VIT University, Vellore, on Sunday, (VITAA Day-2014).
Madhavi was a B.Tech, (Bio-technolgy student) of the VIT University, who passed out from the college in the year 2006, was one among the several alumnus who participated in Alumnus meet.
" When I used to tell some of my colleagues, mostly actors and directors,  that I was a student of the VIT University no body believed me. In fact when I was student here, I wanted to receive some awards from the University, but that had happened now only" says Madhavi.

" Really, I am surprised to  receive the Chancellor's award, today" said the budding actress. She added that the University had grown and with the increase in the students strength of more than 20,000. I felt happy after I met some of my teachers" said Bindhu Madhavi.
 When Bindhu Madhavi was the University's student, she wanted to become a model. "I sent my photos to some advertisement companies while I was studying here.A commercial establishment running chain of shops in Chennai offered me to act in their advertisement film. Another gold jewelers shop gave me next chance. I thought my life would be over with acting in advertisements in films, but to my surprise I had the role of Anjali in the Tamil film Pokkisham" says Madhavi.
Now Madhavi has a credit of acting in more than 13 films which included six Telugu films. The shootings of the Oru Kanniyum Moonu Kalavaniyam, Tamil film was over, and the film is likely to be released in February last week. Besides, Madhavi is acting in films like Kalukkara Mappillai opposite Vishnu. The shootings of  Tamilukku En Kalakkam is going on, said Madhavi.
" I always wanted to do positive characters, and I wish to act with actor Ajith"  said Madhavi and added she wanted to establish in films doing urban-girl roles now.
I try to improve my acting by watching several films, as part of my acting exercise, adds the actress.

PHOTO CAPTION: Actress D.Bindhu Madhavi, an alumnus of the VIT University, Vellore, receives Chancellor's Award from the VIT Chancellor Dr G.Viswanathan. The Hindu Co-Chairman, N.Murali who is the chief guest of the University's 19th Alumni Meet gives away certificate to the actress.  Seen are VIT Vice Presidents Sankar Viswanathan and Sekar Viswanathan (extreme right) and Assistant Vice President (Training)  Miss Kadambari Viswanathan look on.

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